Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Doll House

Doll House Giveaway - enter the contest at this blog: Baubles and Bits. I didn't want to take her pictures so you will have to visit to see how cute it is (and just how crafty some people are).

Baby Girl got a Fisher Price Doll House from Santa. It is a little more generic, but still cute. The boys especially like to play with it so they can flush the toilet. That is so funny since they never seem to want to flush it any other time in their lives. (I can turn all blogging into a Potty-Post).



Jaime said...

Thanks so much! I will go and enter you again for your blog post! :D

4under3 said...

Look at her!! Such a little sweetie. She looks to be enjoying her doll house.


Kristin said...

How much do you LOVE that you get to buy pink dollhouses now?!? *Sigh.* I guess I could technically buy one, too. But you'd have to come over and play it with me. ;)