Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Partying

One Birthday Cake is just not enough.

Updated note: I have had more than one friend make a comment about the cakes and wondering if I made them, etc. I used to be a lot more creative and tried to make some elaborate cakes when I had the time and energy (my younger years). This cake was made by a friend. Although lazy in my cake making abilities these days, I hope that I could come up with something better than lifesavers on the side (like M&Ms!). The first cake I did make. I made it from a box mix that had been in my pantry for quite some time and used the only can of frosting I had. It was cream cheese and the Big Guy did not like that at all. I couldn't justify going to the store at 10PM, though. Back to me being lazy: the same candles were used on both cakes. I would like to add that I did make brownies for his class to celebrate his birthday and actually made a special trip to the store because I was out of eggs. Bonus point! Lost that bonus point when I forgot to get chocolate icing like he asked me.


Mary C said...

What a cute cake!

Kristin said...

What I wanna know is...did you make the cakes??? ;)

L a u r a said...

Just remember, you could get really busy with the kids the day before their birthday (like I did) and see if your husband will be up for assembling a fun cake! There's much less pressure when Dad makes birthday cakes...and they seem much more appreciated. Hmmmm.

The cake looks tasty!

Kristin said...

Ha! Lisa, I was just wondering because I know you are an overachieving, creative cake baker, unlike yours truly. Eric's birthday was yesterday and his cake was made with love by Super Fresh. And it was delish.