Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Holiday Cheer

Baby Girl got a fancy doll from Grammy. Grammy said she wanted her to play with it and not just have it sitting on a shelf looking pretty. We all thought that was a good idea until we opened it up to find her porcelain face, hands and feet. We all cringed as Baby Girl drug her across the kitchen floor and heard heard the dolls feet clanking together. We all collectively decided it would most likely be the Little Guy that would bust her face open. I had to put it back in the box.

We spent Christmas afternoon at Grammy's house. It must be a wonderland for kids. She has this bookshelf full of "stuff" that they shouldn't touch and yet they always pull everything off and rearrange it. At Christmas she puts these annoying little singing things at the bottom so they can play with them. I'm glad she has that stuff for them because I can't stand it. I have a few that have been given to us and didn't even pull them out this year. I have a low tolerance for singing trees and snowmen playing pianos. I do leave out the Polar Express Santa that continuously says "The magic of Christmas----lies--- in--- your--- heart." (and you must hear his rendition). Grammy also has baskets of glass ball ornaments under her tree (I don't know why). You can do that sort of thing when you don't have kids? Twice Baby Girl went over, picked up two and tapped them together. They shattered into a million pieces. We came away with no blood shed so all was good.

I got a new handheld camera this year. My little Sony that I have had for seven years was failing me and the delay was killing me. Get prepared to see some really bad pictures over the next couple of weeks until I can take the time to read the manual. It still doesn't live up to my MacDaddy camera, but about 5 lbs lighter so there has to be a trade off, right? Unfortunately there is still a little bit of a delay. I found that out on the very first picture I took when the Big Guy decided to run towards me with a present.

Here it is. The very first photo taken with my new camera:

Canon Powershot

As with most little cameras, it has an evil flash.

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Kristin said...

Ha! Why do some grandparents insist on having things like delicate glass ornaments in baskets sitting around when you bring over your children?!? I love how we always say to walk around and move anything that could get broken, and then when they don't and something does get broken, they say, "Oh, it's no big deal." Except that it could have been avoided. And my kid could have needed stitches. Oh, and it could have been avoided (did I say that already?!?).

I can't stand the flash on my camera. That is my biggest complaint. Kelly gave me a filter to try, but I haven't figured out how to use it yet.