Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm no Martha

I'm no Martha. I'm not even an Amy Jo.

However, I LOVE this stuff!

I should say: I love LOOKING at this stuff.

I have 500 Christmas cards from years-gone-by in case I find 4 more hours in the day to complete this project. I really think I could do it if I can find some friends with names that start with the letter I. Maybe I can just put an L on everything. I don't know the rules and I assume I can make them up as I go along.

Button snowmen. Cute.

Can you come up with a good reason for me to give someone a roll of quarters for Christmas? My friends are fortunate enough to not be visiting laundromats. Too bad Chuck E. Cheese coins don't come rolled. (Did I just write that?)


Angela said...

I love looking at those things, too. When it comes to rolling up my sleeves and actually creating them--- or, better yet, utilizing the mental energy to THINK them up--- I am at a loss!

Kristin said...

Seriously...I want more hours in the day, too. But just hours for me only. That way I can catch up on projects I want to do and no one can commit me to things I don't want to do. Now, if only I could work that out with the really Big Guy upstairs...

Morris five said...

I will be your "B" Lisa. I already handcrafted you some crocheted socks with organic wool that I dyed myself using berries from a tree in my backyard. Oh and it was my sheep too, he hangs out behind the swing set.

Lisa said...

Funny you say that, Bonnie. Last year I got a scarf from my inlaws that was dyed wool from their own sheep.

I'm not sure I can cut a 'B' out.

L a u r a said...

Maybe if I just show some of these ideas to my girls, THEY'LL latch onto them and create 'em so I don't have to!

How cool. I wish I knew somebody with a sheep. I used to do that sheep-to-shawl stuff as a volunteer at an 1800s era homestead-type place when I was in junior high. Ah, the simplicity.