Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mayberry Parade

pre-Christmas activities

Some pictures can tell a thousand words. This one does not.
That is what they were waiting for. It is the Christmas parade in our town. It is the same every year except they added a small HS band this year. Santa trails behind at the end in a little carriage and usually goes so fast I don't get a picture. They circle our main round-about twice and then he throws dust on the tree to light it. It's no Macy's Day Parade and is humorous to me. We know a lot of the people there so I guess it is a good get together. The Little Guy sang with his school beforehand. There was no fuzz picking of sweaters there because they were crammed too close together. He could not compete with the very dramatic-hand-waving girl in front of him and eventually just stepped off the riser behind her so we couldn't even see him. I don't think our boys are going to end up being famous musical performers (you never know...).


Kristin said...

That is so cute! Your neighborhood seems really pretty.

Lisa said...

It is the WHOLE town, Kristin! :-)

Kristin said...

Ha! Well, your whole town seems pretty, then. ;)

BTW...I saw absolutely nothing I could reject aout your card. Now I will have to go back and inspect it! I will most likely still find nothing worth rejecting, though!

Mara said...

That is too funny. We could all use a little small town every now and then.