Monday, December 29, 2008

Acts of Service and a New Wall

During our holiday break we moved a table out of our family room and put up a gallery of pictures on our wall. As most projects in our house, it took a more time and effort than it should have. There was a big debacle on my frames and as you will see there are some obvious spaces. I may leave it as it is or eventually find different ones (where the white mats are). There was an original plan that changed and then they didn't offer frames like the ones with the green mats anymore. Oh, never mind. Here it is.
(do you think we like our kids?)

The best part about it is that when my Hubby patched up some holes from a previous huge picture, he went around the whole house and touched up the walls and painted them. I am so happy about this! You just don't know how beat up the walls were getting with two wild boys. I think we can get away with not paining our interior now for a lot longer without me losing my mind.

See Hubby, it takes very little to make me happy. Just a day of your time and lots of manual labor.

We had to buy new paint at the end and had ours matched. It didn't quite match all the way or at least you can tell where he touched up our Master Bath. He keeps trying to tell me that it makes it look like a special decorative paint job, but I'm not buying it. I'm still happy, though.

My job was to keep the kids off the walls while they dried. I could have done a better job. Below is Baby Girl's face at me when I was telling her not to touch the wall. She probably cried. She gets a big lip when you tell her no.
Hubby: "She can't be on this wall."
Me: "I know. I have to take this picture first."


Kristin said...

I love it! I think the spaces work. The canvas pieces are just beautiful, Lisa.

Morris five said...

Hey I am loving the polka dot pjs and the wall! I want one of those canvas pics! Can I reserve you for a major photo session Spring of 2011? When the quads are in second grade and have their first communion? How fun would it be to take their pics outside somewhere pretty in those veils and white dresses!? Except Luke I mean, he can skip the veil!

Mary C said...

Loving the picture wall! I want to hang pictures like that, but our walls are plaster, so everytime I try to hang something I end up with a huge hole, no nail, and me wanting to cry. Will you come do it for me?

Courtney said...

Hi there! Just popping over from MBC...your kids are adorable! LOVE the picture of your daughter on the're such a good mom "I've got to get this picture first." That's what it's all about!

Just noticed that you follow Thaitrait, her. :)

Nice to "meet" you and I'm sure I'll be back!

Courtney in Indiana

EH said...

That is a really beautiful picture wall.