Saturday, December 6, 2008

Planets in a Frown (The most boring post of the week)

Did you see the plants last Monday night? My Mom called and emailed me about it four times. My husband made me take a picture of it.

Impressive, huh?

I think that is the moon. I don't know why the other two planets didn't show up.
My commentary:
a) Real life is often disappointing.
b) I'm not really in to astronomy.
c) After 10 years I still take pictures of things my husband tells me to even when I know it won't turn out well (at least it is digital...I can't tell you how mad I was when he wasted a whole roll of film on a hawk eating an animal in our backyard once and don't even get me started on pictures from the Nascar races he has been to).


Kristin said...

Actually that was not boring and quite funny as usual. My mother-in-law was staying here for a few days this week and yelled for us to come outside to see the planets. I guess it was neat, but they just looked like stars to me. You could have fooled me any night that they were planets and I wouldn't have known differently.

Morris five said...

I saw that! I agree that my life is often disappointing but I actually am into astronomy in a lazy way. I figured it was two planets. Cool. As far as the tree goes (next post) at least you have one. I had to demand that Roy get one tomorrow instead of hunting again, and he says, Does it have to be tomorrow. I said YES!!

Angela said...

I heard people talking about the planets, the planets- but I didn't see boo.