Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Friends

I have a blog! I almost forgot.

Best friends are good to have. Star Wars is a lot more fun that way.

My Big Guy was separated from all his best buddies when he started first grade. Luckily we see a lot of them at church and saw even more at a birthday party last weekend. He makes friends fast so no worries there. I think he is doing okay overall at school. He gets a check by his name every day. We even pulled over before school to pray that he wouldn't get one this morning. Funny how wild little boys can really enrich your prayer life. He didn't get his check until after lunch so maybe that is progress. I hope his school isn't too strict for him. Most of what he is doing is typical first grade boy stuff. So far it has been making lots of noise in the bathroom or hallway and not sitting still. The worst thing he did was telling the teacher last week that he didn't care about her checkmarks when he got one. She probably had that coming. I'm not sure she can hand them out so easily and him care after awhile. I think I still prefer Kindergarten where they never told me what he was doing wrong until our conference.

The Little Guy will have his first full day of preschool tomorrow. I should probably be worried about that, but don't have that kind of energy left.

I wanted to title this as Wordless Wednesday. I don't know if I can get away with that on a Monday. Today was very long.


Amy Jo said...

Hey..reply back to me so I have your e-mail address. I just saw the craziest wedding pictures from a waffle house in S. Georgia. I thought of you, the only person I know in GA and wanted to send them to you. I'm sure you're more classy than these southerners.

And I'm so sick of pee and poo all over the place! I'm sick of talking about it, looking at it, smelling it.... naturally, I thought of you. Is this going to end? Potty training is just so disgusting!

Kristin said...

Your first line almost made me spit out my drink. I have obviously been feeling the same way!

I think your Big Guy and my Big Guy may have similar school years, even though mine is in kindergarten. We had a child/parent orientation day Monday and I was mortified by the behavior I observed. I don't think his teacher gives check marks, but maybe she should. I always heard such positive comments from preschool teachers, so I hope he does better when we aren't watching. (Do you think that's possible?!?)

Congrats on the Little Guy's first day! :)