Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Grade. Forever.

Is it over yet? It has been a long week. It is funny how unproductive I was. All of our lives have revolved around our Big Guy and his new schedule. Pizza in the lunchroom on Wednesday helped him to make it through most of the week and computer lab the rest of the week. He mainly didn't want to go to school because he wanted to stay home and play with his Legos. I told him Saturday would be his day to play and it was. He also went to see the new Star Wars cartoon, Clone Wars, among other things with Fun Daddy.

I went to the Parent Orientation for his class on Thursday and feel much better about things. I think I have the homework situation figured out. It made me feel better to know that other children were having a rough week as well so I knew it wasn't just us. The teacher was incredibly soft spoken and sweet. Not at all "yelly" like I was told. She has a Praise & Worship background and cares about the spiritual growth of all those little 6 year-olds so that makes me feel good. I talked to her afterwards to make sure she knew that my boy was new to the school and only went a half day last year. It has been a big adjustment for him. She said he was doing better as the week went by. I think he was too wiggly in the beginning (BOY). I asked her to help him and let her know he was scared of her and her check marks. She seemed surprised by that. I had big tears in my eyes and thought I would cry. I don't want to imply that it was at all insincere, however, do not be surprised if you see my name on the Oscar ballot next year. It was surely a great performance. I hope I bought some mercy for my poor boy.

I saw the teacher in the hall the next day and she said he was doing much better and having a great day. Whew.

I am behind on everything. Really. So, here are my pictures from Mother's Day. Actually, it is my Mother's Day gift that I only hung in the tree a few weeks ago. Really behind... The Big Guy's Kindergarten teacher helped him make this and they painted it with his fingers. Aren't teachers amazing? How do they come up with that stuff? Even if the teacher is not my favorite, I really admire all the things they are able to do. Teaching is not a gift of mine and I am always impressed by not only what they can do but the extra mile they take. It doesn't hurt that we have only had great schools and teachers that we have dealt with so far.

This is my little bird feeder. I have an extra stash of birdseed to refill it. Someone should have told me when the Little Guy spilled half of it on my kitchen floor that it was because there was a hole in the bag and not because he was goofing around. I did the same thing as he did so there isn't much left. I don't want to know how much of it Baby Girl has picked up off the floor and eaten. I'm glad birdseed is not on the list of no-nos for babies. No peanuts or strawberries in birdseed so I am good.


Kristin said...

Whew! So glad things are going better for the Big Guy, and kudos to you on your Academy-Award-worthy performance. Mamas gotta do what we gotta do! :) Thanks for everything you said about teachers in general, too; it is nice to read positive things about my profession every once in a while. I don't think you have anything to worry about with the birdseed; my boys eat dirt and sand all the time and I would bet that birdseed is much higher in protein and nutrients!

Mary C said...

YAY! I have been so worried about Big Guy! I am so glad he had a better week and that she turned out to be sweet. 1st grade is a big adjustment even for kids who don't change schools and who are used to going all day, so I am glad she understands where your boy is coming from.

Love the bird feeder! So cute. And please-how you ever be in the category of PLUMP? Not possible.