Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day. First Grade.

This is the Big Guy on his first day of school last Friday. I must have forgotten "haircut" on my before school to-do list. He was excited and not at all nervous.

The backpack isn't really bigger than he is.

How do you like my Crepe Myrtle? Impressive in this close up shot don't you think? It is the only thing blooming in our front yard at the moment. I don't want to count the blooming weed growing up the brick on the front of my house. I used the excuse that it might be poison ivy and didn't pull it off. It would be a good excuse if poison ivy bloomed. I think I will work on the yard when Baby Girl is in First Grade and all my kids are in school all day. Just 6 more years to go. Here he is at his desk. He was kind enough to let me take his picture. I was the only parent still lingering. That is his pretty teacher in the background. This is her first year at the school and she was probably more overwhelmed than the rest of us. We worked hard for weeks on the Big Guy's reading list and book report. She said "what book report?"

Later that afternoon I managed to pick him up in the carpool line with my very specific instructions of "you'll see". I thought he would be wiped out, however, he insisted he was fine and said it was "more fun than work." He had PE and Computer Lab so I'm sure he thought he had died and gone to heaven. If we can work through the issue of lost lunch money it will have been a totally successful day.


Mary C said...

He looks so sweet. And so does your crepe myrtle.

I taught first grade for years before I had my kids. I loved it. It is the sweetest age! He is going to have a great year!

Jessica said...

Wow, school starts early in your neck of the woods. Big Guy looks so proud to be at his desk and to be in first grade!

Kristin said...

After reading the post above this one, I don't think that teacher is so pretty after all. But Big Guy is adorable with his new backpack!