Thursday, August 7, 2008

Remembering the Rookie Mom in Me

This was Big Guy in his first preschool class. I think it was actually the last day because of the baby carrier holding my Little Guy next to him. That was way back when the Little Guy would sit still and not stick his lips out at me in an ugly face. It also led into the summer of destruction and concoctions by the Big Guy. You never new a 2 year old could cause so much trouble. Bubbles & sunscreen, lotion and powder, Spray-n-Wash and something. It was just the beginning of my carpet stains. You would think that it would have gotten cleaner, right? I remember how shocked I was when he first flipped his twin mattress and wrecked his room. It was such good preparation for my second boy.

The Big Guy starts his first day of First Grade in a new school tomorrow. Wish me luck. Hopefully I won't cry and make too big a fool of myself. We sat through the back to school preview this afternoon and I was emotional and trying to hold back the tears. It was mostly because of the Headmaster's words. She always says really moving things that make me want to weep. After about an hour of that I was over it and feeling hungry.

I've got to get to bed NOW. I have my last weigh in for the slim down contest tomorrow and I am hoping to magically lose 3 lbs overnight. It could happen.


Angela said...

I can't believe you all start school so early!! Where we are, most kids don't start till after Labor Day. Anyway, time flies by so fast, doesn't it? My "baby" is also starting 1st grade (albeit at home, but... still). I've been sad lately looking at her tall, long skinny legs and remembering like it was yesterday when she was my chubby sweet little cherub toddler... sigh....

Kristin said...

Oh my did the first day go??? I start school next week (sniff, sniff). I always have a list of 4637 things I plan to accomplish each summer and I maybe get done two of them. So sad!

Laura said...

What a sweet milestone!

You have such fantastic and humorous memories of your boys' shenanigans! Good thing you're documenting it all with descriptions and pictures. Otherwise, they may not believe you when they're older.

I'm sure their future spouses will be quite interested in the information...though you may want to wait until they're expecting their first child!

In my case, knowing of my husband's childhood helps me make sense of the reasons we've been to the E.R. so much with our children!