Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Grade. Fourth Day

My First Baby (about the age Baby Girl is now - 10 months).

Before people gave him check marks by his name for not listening and doing homework too early.

Yes, I am over the top, but you are allowed to be with your first child (I hope).

The Big Guy technically has not completed today, the fourth day. I think he should be at P.E right now and really having a good time.

I thought I would update my poor neglected blog while I had the chance. There has been a lot of stress in our house this week. Nothing significant in the whole scheme of things but quite significant to a 6 year old and his (probably too) sensitive parents.

The Big Guy does not like his teacher. He says she is mean and bossy. Oh my. I have never heard him call anyone mean especially a teacher. He has had many non-warm & fuzzy teachers and loved them all the same. He also says she is "yelly". I think that means she yells a lot even though what he might mean is her tone of voice is not nice. I'm about as mean as someone can get so I'm not sure why this bothers him. I have not gotten to the bottom of things yet. He brings big workbooks home for homework with no instructions. That is very stressful for a type-A Mommy. She doesn't quite have her act together yet in my opinion. So, we pray for her. Pray and pray and pray. Please let the teacher have patience and find her way. Horror of horrors - he got a check mark by his name. It was almost what the end of the world must be like. I told him I would talk to her and he begged me not to "you will get in trouble too and I'll get another check mark by my name!" Little brother tore off the cover of one of his notebooks and Dad made sure it was taped by on perfectly so that didn't cause another check. I sure hope the snack I sent is healthy enough.

I went to his chapel this morning to eye her down. She looked very stern and my sweet little boy turned around several times to grin at me. I didn't see anything happen, but she moved him all the way down the pew next to her. Then, he ended up behind her with another teacher. Unless he was making noises I couldn't hear, I thought he was being very good. I have mentioned before that my standards have become low over the years. I mostly see the Big Guy in contrast to my Little Guy. With that comparison, he is VERY good. Very. Anyone would be good next to the Little Guy (who is constantly hopping and making loud noises). I don't know what is going on. I think the fourth day is a little early to make a big stink. I sent a very nice note to his teacher expressing some of my concerns. If she reads between the lines it says "be nice to my baby and help him!" He told me he wanted me to home school him because he missed me. I laughed because that is so unlike him to say something like that. He also told me this morning that I was 30 now and he was going to tell the whole school how old I was. I said "please don't!" and he thought that was so funny. I hope he does so they are all baffled by why I look so old. (And now you know the real reason why I had to tell him I was 20 for so long. He likes to tell everyone my age.)

The Big Guy was deciding what he wanted to do about the situation. He said he might have a talk with her and ask her to be "gentler and kinder." I hope he doesn't get another check.


Kristin said...

Oh Lisa! My heart is breaking. I start out very strict, too, but then again, I teach high school. Your son's teacher sounds like she could be pegging him early without reason due to her inexperience. Did the Big Guy say if any other kids got checks? I will be curious to know her response from your note when you hear back from her. Goodness! We all just want our children to love school. I have so much anxiety about my own big guy starting kindergarten in a week, so I can just imagine how this must feel. Sorry you are so stressed out; unfortunately, I can realte to that, too. On the upside, you are only 30, so you probably could take that new teacher, right?!? (J/k...)

Laura said...

Oh my, how this brings me back a few years--you know, when I was 20 or maybe even 30. (When you get old enough, you can just blame your memory for not "remembering" how old you are!)

Before we started homeschooling, my daughter was in a pre-K class that had a brand spankin' new teacher straight from the books. She was nice and loved on the kids, but she had poor judgment and her class was out of control.

As it turned out, there were two boys EXPELLED that year. I'm not kidding! Expelled from pre-K!

That happened shortly after the principal came in the class one day to help the new teacher control things...and the scrappy shysters started hitting and kicking her (the principal) and ran away!

This kind of thing went on for 9 weeks before the kids were asked to leave. I'd go in the class occasionally and find all 5 of the frozen sponges the teachers kept for injuries were always being used. Little 4 and 5 year olds were walking around holding them on their heads because of these boys. Nobody even noticed my daugher's eye injury one day!

This was at a private religious school.

So, when you put it into perspective, the check marks on the board aren't all bad!

Good luck dealing with the new teacher. She may need a little mentoring!

4under3 said...


This is so great to read. I can see myself as the same Type A mommy of a first grader. It's so good for me to read this kind of stuff. I hope you don't mind being life long friends. ;)

On the flipside. I know many teachers who swear by the Don't-Smile-Until-After-Thanksgiving rule. Maybe that's the route she's taking.


Mary C said...

Lisa, this broke my heart, too! The only thing I could think might be going on is that she is trying to show the kids who's the boss. If she can be firm and consistent in the first few weeks, it does cut down on behavior problems for the rest of the year. But most teachers can be firm and consistent without a mean voice!

I just wanted to hug your boy after reading this! Everyone should love first grade! I'm sure it will get better. I was always excited about a new school year, but dreaded those first weeks of constant testing of boundries.

I'm with Kristin-I'm wondering if anyone else got checks. Maybe it was just ar ough day for everyone. How has the rest of the week gone?

Angela said...

What's up with that teacher lady? No good! She needs to be nicer. How old is Big Guy? Six?? Seven?? Anyway- he looks so sweet and angelic ;) in all your photos- so I am sure he is just like that in real life!!