Friday, August 1, 2008

Forty Something and No Cake

Fun Daddy

Today is my Hubby's birthday. He is so old we can't remember how old he really is. We never even made it out to dinner tonight. We are both wiped out. I took the kids to a swim party and brought them home along with two additional kids. One of said kids called me a liar and I will just leave it at that. My Mom came over to tell me how tired she was. I had no sympathy and tried to tell her so. I don't think she could hear me over the running and screaming children. At least she gets to leave and go to bed if she chooses. She can even clean up her house and it would stay that way. Yeah, no sympathy. I'm tired on my own without the kids waking me up at 4:30 am to let me know the power is off. I can only imagine that my Little Guy woke up and didn't see the little blue light on his CD player. They wanted to get the flashlights out and it was a lot of drama for them. They didn't seem to understand that they sleep in the dark anyway and it didn't matter.

We had a few days of nothing this week. I wanted the kids to be really bored by the time the Big Guy starts school (one week from today! Look forward to a weepy Oh how the years have gone by post next week.). We met up with friends, went bowling and swimming so it wasn't so boring after all. Except for the one day that we tried to walk to the library and check out a book. Doesn't seem hard does it? Maybe they were a little bored when they were on the deck coloring with markers one morning. The Little Guy stripped naked, colored his whole body, urinated in the grass and pooped on my deck. No, I wasn't watching them with my eyes, but I could hear the boyish chit chat outside and knew thought they were okay. Are my kids the only ones that do this stuff? My oldest for sure encourages this stuff and probably comes up with it. Then he tells on his brother when he does the deed. I have nightmarish visions of them being 20 and the Big Guy telling the Little Guy "Just go in and rob that liquor store. It will be funny." So he can call the cops while he is in action. Oh me. Anyway, my Hubby is the one that found the Little Guilty Boy and his present. I was feeding Baby Girl when he came back inside and told me. I was totally unfazed and I am almost positive that Hubby cracked a slight smile when he told me. I think deep down inside we were both really happy that it was on the deck and not on our carpet. Our poor carpet. I am so glad Hubby works from home so he can help me lift those 40 lb boys when needed and plop them in the tub for me. Little Guy's belly is still stained red, however, we are so happy that his private area is no longer green. Some markers were washable, some were not.

Happy Birthday, Hubby! You went from no orange shirts to 4 in one day. Does my family think alike for gifts or what? Too bad that is not your color. I promise to make you a big cake (right after my slim-down contest is over).


Laura said...

You are too funny! Great post!

I grew up with two older brothers, and the oldest got the younger brother into all sorts of trouble, including getting him stuck in the laundry shoot between the two floors of my grandparents' house, locked in a deep freezer, and tumbled in the dryer. (Those are just a few that come to mind.)

Watch out...and keep Baby Girl safe! Make sure she knows that it's NOT fun to get thrown down the stairs in a zipped-up sleeping bag, and just because boxing gloves are padded, it still hurts if your older brothers hit you with them!

Big Nanny said...

This is why God didn't give me boys:) I'm quite sure of it. Here's hoping baby girl doesn't follow in their foot steps.

Angela said...

You always make me laugh out loud! What a fun post. I mean- of course-fun for us to read. Not sure if it was "fun" for you to live through.

Amy Jo said...

Hey.. great post. I just learned about a website that will print out your blog. You should totally do that!
That's one way to save all your writing and pictures too. I think you have an ideal blog to do something like that. Mine... not so much.

Mary C said...

You are so funny. I feel the SAME way when my mother says she's tired. I mean, I obviously don't know what's it's like to be 63, but she can go home and sleep all day if she wants! Or at least sit down, you know?

I love the image of Little Guy coloring himself with all that marker!

And Happy (late) birthday to your Husband!