Saturday, August 30, 2008

Much Ado About Sumpin

He will never admit it. I know that he has learned the word is something and not sumpin. I have already written about his speech evaluation here. I wonder if those mean speech ladies would still think his crazy speech patterns are developmental for his age? I won't endure the torture to find out. Only time will tell if he will stop saying "sumpin". He just won't accept that the number after two is not cree. And the fruit we had at lunch is a blueblerry to him. I'm always amazed at the extra consonants he can put in words. How did he fit a 'g' in that word? I find myself trying to imitate him and I can't do it. I don't care if he calls it a "blathroom" as long as he uses it.

I will never forget the day my father told me that I had a thumb and not a fumb. I didn't want to believe it. It seems like yesterday that I was staring at my thumb and wondering why he would say such a thing. I will be thankful that my Little Guy actually does say "thumb".

9/1/08 Update: He ran in the house and whispered in my ear "Three". "What" I said. "Three" he repeated over and over. Yeah!!!! He has learned and decided to say three instead of cree! Okay, 2 words fixed...1,300 more to go.


Kristin said...

Oh, goodness! I had never read your post about your speech ordeal. I didn't have exactly the same experience, but a similar one when I took my older one to be evaluated becuase his preschool teacher kept telling us his pencil grasp was way off and immature for his cognitive abilities. He also didn't hold scissors correctly. The PT we saw said to me, "You son is perfectly fine. And how often do you really need to use scissors in life, anyway?" She later said she was having so much fun with him that she felt guilty getting paid for it. She ended up giving me some rubber pencil holders to help his "grasp problem" and sent us on our way after three hours of testing. The preschool teacher continued to send me comment after comment about his immature crayon and scissor usage, though. The moral of the story: I feel your pain (or is that "plain"?). At least he sounds really cute! :)

Mara Jacobson said...

Wow, he looks so big (and different) in that picture!! My middle one also has major speech issues. They've been so cute for so long but I guess since the big K is just around the corner, I should pay more attention to it. It's totally different than her "Miss Perfect" big sis.

l e a h said...

I have zero words of wisdom in the speech department.

Your little guy sure it cute.

l e a h said...

is not it

I really shouldn't type in the dark.

Laura said...

I feel your pain. You're just funnier about it than I am!

In preschool, my older boy sounded like he was from Boston but lived here in Texas all his life. I had trouble figuring out some of his words since he said, "Bah" for many things (bear, bye, ball...). I knew we were in trouble when his preschool teacher really was from Boston. Seriously!! She said she could understand him. Some help she was!

When we started homeschooling when he was in 1st grade, his grammar lessons fixed his "r" problem by doing the "r-chant". We'd do the motions for "ar in car" (drive), "or in door" (open a door), "air in hair" (comb hair), "ir in stir" (stirring motion). We did this every day for a couple of weeks. I've heard that by 7 years old, these things tend to work themselves out.

My younger son just stopped saying "plianyo" for piano, but still has trouble with his Rs. I'm happy...for now!

Mary C said...

Oh, sister. We've had speech issues at our house, too.

I just read your back story-sometimes those people have no sense.

Buddy's speech issues are slowly resolving, and I find myself missing the "cute" way he said some of those words!

4under3 said...

And it seems like just yesterday that I was told Madonna was singing about Livin' on a Prayer and not Livin' on a Prairie.

Second thought, maybe it was just yesterday.

4under3 said...

Our little guy is definitely on his own little language train. Our daughter is the articulation coach of the house. How a brother and sister can speak so differently, is beyond me. As for right now I'm enjoying "water" being "wadare," and "basketall" being "beebaaball."

Angela said...

totally know where you're coming from. my little guy's got the speech stuff going on- he used to talk like cookie monster for the longest time, "me want...."

he grew out of that, and uses his pronouns properly, but now it's just getting him to pronounce his letters properly! secretly, though, i don't work too hard on it b/c in some ways it still keeps him my little baby boy... except that now he's 4 so it's probably time... sigh

Kristi said...

You should have heard my Caleb saying "truck" when he was one/two. Let's just say that it was VERY vulgar...and oh how he LOVED to scream it out loud whenever he saw one!!

Oh, those memories. Sad, but true, they eventually DO grow out of all of this and start saying words correctly, don't they?