Friday, August 1, 2008

10 Month Old Twinkle Toes

She's a Maniac Maniac on the Floor

I tried BabyLegs again to protect her newly crawling knees that were turning red. You can read about what happened the last time I put these on her here.

My Baby Girl is 10 months old today. She has been overshadowed by Hubby and his birthday for the most part. I was flipping through her blank baby book yesterday and realized I have forgotten almost everything. By the time I get to filling it out in 2 years I really might not remember anything about what happened. So, I am going to put a few things here for my own benefit. A cheat sheet if you will. Feel free to read and be careful not to fall asleep.

At 10 months my sweet Baby Girl is crawling her funny little scoot-crawl all over the place. She moves fast and she now goes directly to the fireplace, computer cords and cookbooks. We can stand her up at a play table and she will play for 5 or 10 minutes before she sits down and crawls away. She doesn't usually pull up by herself because she has lots of places to go and many cookbooks she feels she needs to eat. I do find her standing every morning in her crib. She will cry with big tears streaming down her face and I don't know if she really wants someone to come and get her or if she got stuck in that position. She kicks, screams and laughs as soon as we walk out the door because she knows she will see one of the boys. If she is lucky, the Little Guy is right there pulling on her leg that hangs down. She can wave and say bye-bye (ba-ba). It seems a bit accidental at times, however, I am claiming it. She also likes to babble softly the usual da da da da. She looked at Grammy every time we asked where she was today. She and I love to put foreheads together and laugh at each other. She likes to play with my hair, necklace or anything around my neck. She loves to ride in the car, take a bath and painted nails on other people. She hates the exersaucer or anything that confines her. She goes to bed every night around 6PM without a fuss and her favorite foods are cheese and bananas. She is never unhappy if she is being held. Unfortunately she is about 19 lbs and gets heavy on the arms. And the best thing is that she still prefers her Mama and is always trying to look for me if she is with someone else. If she is like the boys she will be all about Fun Daddy soon!

Twinkle Toes is destined to be a Ballerina.


Amy Jo said...

I loved to read that, and I know she will too in 15, 20 years. Don't let blogger lose your beautiful words! (I'm paranoid since tonight my website is "unavailable", whatever that means.)

I'm gearing up to do Kaylee's baby scrapbook very soon. I try to write on a scrap piece of paper what she's doing each month and throw it in with the photos. There's a few months that are missing, and I don't have a clue when she got her first tooth or started sitting up. Am I the only one with a bad memory? Or is this a common disease?

Kristi said...

Very fun post full of great memories! Cute picture of your adorable girl too!