Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cereal Squares and My Quest for the Gold

I've had a handful of this every morning this summer before I went to the gym. I love it. Unfortunately every one else in my house does too. I have thought about hiding it. We could eat a box a day and my goodness it costs more than gas! My Big Guy begs for it and I think I might start buying Lucky Charms so there is something else he will want more. I wonder if Michael Phelps knows about this?

I wonder what I would do if I had to eat 8,000 calories a day like he does? I really think I could do it easily if chocolate could be one of my major food groups. I have been working so hard in the slimdown contest and no trainer has suggested that I eat that much yet. By the next time the Olympics comes around I will be about Dara Torres' age. I have four years and think I can totally be ready for the next Olympics. I think Fun-Daddy (formerly known as Hubby) laughed at me when I suggested this. He said I would have to get in the pool tomorrow to start practicing and I think I don't really have to work that hard until next year. He reminded me that I don't have a good pool to use and I would hate it. He is right. If I were to be an Olympic athlete swimming is the way I would have to go. I hate to run, I'm not 7 feet tall for volleyball and gymnastics, well that is obvious I am sorry to say.

The slimdown contest is officially over. I have heard that my team is one of the contenders for the grand prize. They have not tabulated everyone's body weight percentage yet. If we don't win I hope we are 4th or 5th. I will be so mad if we come in 2nd place. I could have been more strict with the food so it will be my own fault (I'll still be mad). I had my body fat measured again by Uma. I lost inches everywhere and my body fat percentage did go down, so that is good. The category where I am had "plump" listed at the top of it. How insulting is that to work my fanny off and still be called plump? I could lose 10 more lbs but it isn't that important to me. My team is going to keep at it for another 12 weeks. I don't know if I can get out of bed at 5 AM when it turns cold.


Kristin said...

Ummm...are you kidding me?!?! You??? "Plump"??? I have been wondering all along where this weight is coming off because you look quite really thin to me. Sheesh...if I could be so "plump"!

Amanda said...

I LOVE that cereal!!!! I eat it like candy when it's in our house!

Well, congrats to YOU for sticking it out with the "slim down" program. That is AWESOME! Hmmmm...if only they had an Olympics geared towards Moms. ;)

Kristi said...

Ahhh...I just love your writing! :-) Good luck on that quest for out Dara Torres, here comes Lisa!! :-)

And, I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE (did I say HUGE?) cereal lover. I am going to have to try this kind here! And, if I am completely honest, I HAVE hidden a box of cereal from my kids before. No lie. Cinnamon Toast Crunch it was. The BEST cereal ever invented. :-)

4under3 said...

I think you could be an awesome trampolinist at the Olympics. You don't have to run or be tall, right? And good for you. Getting up before the sun for more than two days in a row...that should move you out of the "plump" category if anything.

We..I take that back, the children and the husband LOVE Quaker squares. But I get the original, I think that's the one, blue box for them. I'm more of an Oh's fan.


Amy Jo said...

Hmmm. another food reccomendation to try! I *just* bought those bagel things that you mentioned a while back. But I keep forgetting about them because they are in the freezer! Let us all know the results of your weight loss program.

Kristin said...

Ha! Amy Jo, I just bought those Bagelfuls yesterday, too, because of Lisa's recommendation! :) I plan to try them this weekend.

Laura said...

We love that cereal also! I don't even try to hide it from the kids anymore. I just eat some when I get home from the store and know that it'll be my only taste--since I only buy it once in a while ($$$-geez)!

I, too, am wondering where all the weight is that you need to lose. You look beautifully svelte!

Since you mentioned your hair being in a ponytail and since I'm such a Yankee wimp in this heat and do you wear your hair down in the summer? If I have my hair down either I feel like passing out from the heat or it just frizzes uncontrollably anyway. So, every fall I have to reintroduce myself to some people who have seen me all summer with my hair up! Seriously.