Monday, August 18, 2008

No Tea In My Bottle Please!

Baby Girl got her first invite a few weeks ago. She attended her first Tea for a little friend turning one. I think being the Southern Belle that she is there will be many teas in her future. She played with some new toys including a purple balloon. She pooped in her pants and fussed because she was missing her nap. She had a bow in her hair, though, so all was good and cute.

I have not successfully taught Baby Girl that Southern Belles do not show certain things when they sit down in a dress.

Her friend wants to be a supermodel when she grows up. Look at this pose:And look at this performance. I didn't know one year-olds actually ever dug into that cake like they are supposed to (like I would)!


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! I love Baby Girl's super sassy dress (and I also love her un-ladylike posture...too cute, Lisa!). That last shot you got with the cake is perfect! I have never seen a one-year-old actually do that. And you are are sooo long as your sweetie had a bow in her hair, all is right with the world.

Angela said...

Oh my word- is that bow on your baby girl the CUTEST thing ever? Oh, I just love her.

mary c, runaway mommy said...

Good night, she is cute. Love the bow. When my little girl was a baby, I discovered a website where you could order tiny baby bows with her name or monogram embroidered on them. Uh, I may have bought a million of those things. I mean, in the south, is there such a thing as too much monogramming? :)