Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween, Valentine.

Yes, those are lights wrapped around the post in front of our house. Candy Corn Halloween lights. It is only because of my 6 year old that I am being forced into acting like Truvy in Steel Magnolias with the endless holiday decorations. Christmas I can get behind. Halloween is a stretch. I refuse to decorate for Valentine's day (unless you count the trail of chocolate wrappers through my house).

Speaking of V-day. I would like to share a picture of the Valentine flowers my friend got from her husband last Valentine's Day.What do you think of that? They could have been for Halloween, right? I wonder if he went to a lot of trouble to find blue roses?


4under3 said...

Your front porch looks great...from what I can see...with or without candy corn lights. And really, if you keep that cute little pumpkin out there, no one is going to be looking at the lights anyways.


p.s. candy wrapper trail. silly you.

p.p.s I always feel the need to tell you my favorite funny part of your posts. Have you caught on to that?

Mary C said...

Truvy. Love it. You have the best way of describing things.

I'm glad to know those roses were blue. My computer made them look black, which would have been a whole other story for Valentines.

Kristin said...

Baby girl is still as cute as she could be. And as for the lights...I understand. What we do for our children!

P.S. If my husband sent me those roses, he would have some explaining to do. (Was there a reason why they were blue, and did she like them?)