Friday, October 10, 2008

My Own Personal Cake Wrecks

Two of you mentioned Cake Wrecks below so I thought I would go ahead and add it here (because I can't get all of my pictures to load anyway).

If I ever have to go to prison and you make me a cake when I get out, please just put "Welcome Back!" I think that will be enough.

I had a Cake Wreck of my own when I first tried to make a Bear Cake for the Big Guy's first birthday. It melted:It later worked. Here I am decorating it. I had some bangs back then. I may get them again soon so I can be Sarah Palin on Halloween.
I also had a Cake Wreck when I made a Wedding Cake for someone (oh, yes I did) and spelled Congratulations wrong. Luckily I caught the mistake before I turned it over so I could fix it. It was still hideous.


4under3 said...

That bear, he's impressive!! And you best be growing your bangs fast, Halloween is almost here.


Amy Jo said...

That's an awesome bear cake. I'm impressed. What'd you do for Baby Girl's birthday cake? I'm going to take a wild guess that it wasn't quite so impressive?

Laura said...

That's a great 3-D bear cake! I don't know anything about real cake decorating...with tips and everything. Maybe I'll give it a try since our kids are getting more demanding with their birthday cake requests.

I bet the reject bear cake also tasted good and was a nice snack while you were working on your next bear. Are you sure you didn't plan that one?! I'll have to remember that!

Thanks for the inspiration! Please don't turn me in to the cake wreck lady!

l e a h said...


l e a h said...

Looks like I need to find a new adjective. I think 'impressive' was used 3 out of 3 times before I even commented.


Mary C said...

Wow! How in the world did you do the icing? I bet it was painful to cut into because it was so cute.

Kristin said...

I think I should buy a cake for one of my friends like the first one in that picture. We used to play silly jokes on each other growing up. When one of us would go to the bathroom at a restaurant, that person would have to endure the hideous rendition of "Happy Birthday" sung by the reluctant staff at Hoss's Steak House moments later. But it was a great ploy for free dessert!

Like the rest of your readers, I am also in awe of that bear. What a dedicated mommy! I leave the cakes in our house to the pros. I am not a big cake fan to begin with, so whatever bad cake I would make would not be worth wasting calories on in my mind. But you are welcome to make my children a cake any time! :)