Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Year Old

One year ago right now I was hanging out in a hospital room with my brand new baby girl. I was so happy the long journey of pregnancy was over and she was perfectly fine. I was debating on whether I should give her a middle name after Elvis or a Cannonball as my son suggested. I vaguely remember lots of TV news about Britney losing her kids or something along those lines.

What a blur the last year has been. She is turning into a toddler before my very eyes and I am already missing that sweet little baby that could only stare at me. "Bye-Bye" bottles, mini-tantrums and moving all over the place is what she is doing. After a birthday party on Sunday, there are many many "babies" (baby dolls) at our house. It is an odd addition to our world of trucks and expanding train tracks. She smiles at them and tries to eat the face of each one. I can only hope that she is trying to kiss.

The big news is that my in-laws are gone after a very long weekend stay. I could write days about the visit and maybe you would howl like one of my friends did today. It is only funny to other people. I have a few new wrinkles after the last visit. I'll have to think about what I should say here. It is doubtful they would ever come across my blog, but you never know. That would certainly put the nail in the coffin.

After a busy couple of weeks with little picture-taking, I made up for it in 4 days. I have lots of Baby Girl as well as some other people. I hope to get them all downloaded so I can add a little more frequent dribble on my neglected blog.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! XOXOXOXO


4under3 said...

You sure are a professional, Lisa!

A professional at photographing cute, color perfect, shots of your baby girl. And, a professional at making the cute baby girl.

Happy First Birthday little honeybunch.


l e a h said...

Happy Birthday One Cute Cupcake Birthday Girl!

You are a hoot, Lisa, and I wish I could have been the one hearing your story and howling with laughter.

Mary C said...

Your blog is not drivel! I miss you when you don't post! :)

I am dying for the stories of the weekend, too! You always tell things in such a funny way.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Angela said...

No! Baby girl can't be 1 already!! I don't even know her- yet I love her ;) She is such a doll baby. It has been so fun seeing pictures of the little princess of the house.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe she is one already! What a sweetie. I bet it is fun to have some femininity around the house; I go to the girls' section in stores sometimes and just sigh. Boys' toys and clothes are fine, but I would love to play tea party with someone every once in a while. But cars are fun, too. :)

Anyway, congrats Baby Girl and Mommy on your first year!