Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Downfall

There are only 3 left. There was some pie to slow me down.

Do you know what pie has cream cheese, condensed milk, mandarin oranges and Cool Whip with a Graham Cracker crust? That is what is was and I don't know if there is an official name for it. My Mom showed me how to make it so it is entirely possible that she made it up or left out 5 ingredients. I tried to Google it and only found a lot of other stuff I want to eat. We started making this pie about 10 years ago and have not had it in a year or two. It was richer than I remembered. Can condensed milk in a can go bad? Hmmmm. It has fruit in it so as far as I am concerned it is a good for you. BTW, I am not someone who eats stuff and thinks it is too "rich" to eat much of it. I just want more. I need to add that to my Blogger profile. I think it might be important. My husband says stuff like "it makes my cheeks tingle it is so rich" and can't eat much of it. I don't understand him.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

I completely understand. There is no. such. thing. as "too rich." Ridiculous.

this pie of which you speak, will there be a recipe forthcoming?

Lisa said...

Lora lynn, that is the recipe! un-homemade graham cracker crust, mix condensed milk and cream cheese block together with half a container of cool whip. Fold in with a can of mandarin oranges and top with the rest of the cool whip.

Kristin said...

Thank you for cheering me up! I had a rough day. :) I will have to live vicariously through your M&Ms and homemade potluck pie. But I think you have more room for fun food on your thin hips than I do anyway, my friend.

Lisa said...

Even if my hips *were* thin, they wouldn't be for long...

Mary C said...

I am so with you. TOo rich? Ha! My husband is the same way. Ridiculous.

My friend gave me a huge bag of M&M's for my birthday last week, and I added a bag of Penaut Butter M&M's to it, and yeah.
Two bags + Me = no M&M's left.

It is really sad.

PS- I kid you not, the 1st 3 letters in the below 'word verification' are...FAT!

Even the internet is telling me to step away from the candy!

Laura said...

I just went through 2 large bags of M&Ms on our vacation last month. I disguised it as trail mix by putting some other things like craisins and honey roasted nuts in it to make is look healthy!

I do recall waking up with my face in a textbook in college after coming out of one of my M&M comas while "studying"!

I'm going to have to try that pie. It sounds good...and I'll just pretend that I'm making it because my kids will like it too (which they will if they get any)!

Lisa said...

That is so funny, Laura. I gave myself permission to buy all those M&Ms because I thought I would use them in trail mix. My whole family only picks out the M&Ms so I finally decided I could save money on all those nuts and raisins and we would all be happier (and fatter).