Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VP Fun

Visit foldUScandidate.com to download your favorite candidate(s). They just added the VPs so you can have your whole cast of characters if you wish.

You know I won't. My husband would steal them and start making them talk and do bad impressions. I couldn't take it. If I had any sort of teacher-gene in me, I would use them as a visual aide to torture teach my children about the election process. They would make them talk and smash them and I would hate it. So, I'm glad I don't have that gene.


Kristin said...

Guess, what? I can view your blog from work today. It's a treat!

Anyway, that is too funny! I have the teacher gene, but the only thing my son cares about is that Biden is from our little old state of Delaware. :) I am afraid of what my husband would do with them if I printed them out. It stems from trying to play Barbie with my brother when he played G.I. Joe. Barbie always ended up getting hurt or humiliated. He had the G.I. Joe that you could shave the facial hair from and it would grow back, and he always wanted to use that razor on my precious Ballerina Barbie. But she did a mean front kick when you pushed the ballerina crown on her head, so she defended herself and might have actually been a decent soldier if necessary.

Laura said...

Oh, if only we had printer ink right now. I'll let you know if we make them!

I think our kids would want to make all of the dolls/puppets and torment our neighbor (who is not voting for who we are!) by having pointed conversations with the dolls in front of him!

Do you think I should coach them?! I say all is fair if they have a sign in their yard, right?