Thursday, October 16, 2008

You can have S'mores inside the house too

Getting close to nature.

Minutes before...her usual freak-out when you sit her on grass. You can see the cheese that fell out of her mouth on the ground when she started screaming.

I think she will be staying home with me in the future when the rest of our household goes camping. Only time will tell if she will learn to love sleeping on the ground outside. The boys went without us two girls this past weekend. It was nice to be home alone with Baby Girl where I could sleep until 8 and not have to rush around to baseball games all weekend. We cleaned out closets and made the house even more of a wreck than it already was. I think I was just can't tell.


4under3 said...

Oh! We could call her Domestic Diva.

Some girls just prefer indoor plumbing and running water over tickly grass and mosquitos.

You really can't blame her.


Mara Jacobson said...

I am right there with of the reasons God gave me two girls (who also don't like bugs or dirt or sweat)!

Mary C said...

I don't blame her! You never know wht's crawling around in that grass!

Kristin said...

Love your post title and the cheese. :)

BTW...8:00??? Really? That has never happened with my second-born. Never. Ever. 7:00 is a treat in these parts. (Can you sense my jealousy?)