Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let Me Eat Cake

Check out some of Laura's birthday cakes here.

This is my grocery store-bought beauty:

First let me say that I save all those plastic trinkets on top of the cake and last month was so pleased when it paid off and a friend could use the ones from our Curious George cake (because it was discontinued). Hoarding crap finally paid off.

Kristin said she didn't like Cake. What? I will say that I enjoy ice cream a lot more - most of the time. That was before I met this Go Diego Go Birthday Cake from Publix. It was heavenly (or maybe from hell). I am assuming our party guests had cake so I am guessing that I ate about 3/4 of this cake all by myself. I didn't do it all in one sitting, but spread out over 2-3 days. This was back in January so it is no wonder that I needed to join The Biggest Loser contest at the gym in the Spring. I froze a big chunk of this cake and found it in the back of my freezer last month. I thought I could let the kids eat it after dinner, but I ended up eating it all by myself before it even came to room temperature. I always have to freeze cake because

1. I can save me from myself
2. I can't stand that big floppy box on my counter with all the dried icing crumbs
3. When my hubby comes home and says "where is all that cake?!" I can say "Oh, I froze it..." It won't hurt him to assume I froze a lot more of it than I actually did.

This one was chocolate cake with the white icing. You know the pure Crisco and sugar icing? You might know it better as "Buttercream". That sounds nicer. Whenever I make it myself I can hardly bring myself to eat it. When it comes from Publix it becomes my main course. This is Baby Girl and her smash cake. Both cakes had a polka dot theme. My Aunt got them at a nice bakery for me and they were also chocolate. Funny, I don't remember standing over it and eating it for days. I must have done it in only one day and didn't even have to freeze anything. I hope I didn't have a icing-induced-blackout.

Just a month and a half before out next Indiana Jones cake for the Big Guy. Wish me luck.

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Kristin said...

Ha! I love that you name-dropped me on a post. I don't hate cake, I just would much rather spend calories on other yummy things. I would eat a chocolate lava cake every day if I could, though. Have you ever had one of those? They have hot fudge in the middle and it oozes out with each bite. Heaven.

I will say that our wedding cake was spectacular, even a year later on our 1st anniversary. But when you are paying that much, it better darn well be worth it. My friends knew that I didn't love cake besides my wedding cake, so for both of my showers, they ordered my cakes from the same baker. It just wasn't the same (I would venture to guess that the attention to a cake for 250 guests is a bit different than a cake for a baby shower of 50). You and Laura could have quite a profitable business together! :)

Also, I forgot all about freezing cakes. Maybe I will try that next time, since I don't see any cakes or fun yumminess anywhere in my near future!