Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baby Girl Turns Two With Too Many Clowns

I meant the original Baby Girl. That would be me. I was just as demanding as the current version.In honor of my upcoming birthday, I have posted for your enjoyment pictures of my 2nd birthday party. There was a clown/circus theme. Note the slumped over clown next to me and the matching blue dress that is being held up. I must not have been talking very well at 2 because apparently I was unable to express how scary clowns are to me. I wonder how many nightmares I had about that clown sleeping in my room. The last pictures looks like I may be waving to get some anyone's attention. "SAVE ME" I might be trying to say if only I did not have that mouthful of cake. More evidence that I couldn't speak (or that my parents paid no attention to me) is the white cake. I'm so glad that even my 4 year old knows a cake for me could only be chocolate.

How do you like that rooster in the top picture? I bet it isn't the first time you have seen one of those. The scary thing is that after about 30 something years and 10 moves, that rooster is still currently hanging in Grammy's kitchen. It is dreadful. I don't even think it can be considered retro. She completely renovated her kitchen and has the cutest furniture and yet that rooster hangs right by the kitchen table so you stare at it while you eat. Not as bad as the clown, though. She sold the above kitchen table at a yard sale about 5 years ago. Progress.


Kristin said...

Love the slumped over clown. I didn't have a serious issue with clowns as a little girl, but I was deathly afraid of the Joker on Batman (the old one that said, "Zowie! Zing! Pow!"). As you can imagine, I allowed my husband to see the new one all by himself. Heath Ledger is just too nightmare-inducing for me.

I also was laughing because as soon as I saw these pics I recognized the rooster. Was that the hot seller of decor in the 70s?I don't recall who had one, but it definitely took me back.

And when is your birthday, btw? Hope you are doing something fun that doesn't involve clowns!

Kristin said...

P.S. Did you see this Bachelor news???

Mara Jacobson said...

Love your mom's hair! Tell her she should try that style again.

Lisa said...

That is actually my Uncle and his ex-wife. I'm sure my Mom had the same hair-do, though.