Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get your toe out of my daughter's mouth

Poor Baby Girl

I had a meeting this morning and left Baby Girl in the big church nursery. I drop her off at church once a week in the infant nursery where other kids are not able to lick or poke her. I once left her in the Gym's childcare where they called me back to get her 20 minutes later. Other than that, I have never left her anywhere other than at my Mother's house or with Hubby. So, I just dropped her off today and didn't look back for fear of what I might see. She didn't cry or scream so it was easy except for seeing the room full of bigger kids. When I picked her up an hour later she had snot all over her face (hopefully hers) and had drooled all over her shirt until it was soaking wet. She was sitting on the floor on top of a pile of wooden train tracks with big kids all around her. The workers tried to tell me some so-called funny story about how she tried to bite one of their toes. I am still a little horrified by that. It was probably because they didn't feed her and she was starving. I always pack more than enough food for her where ever we go because sometimes we end up staying out longer than planned. So, no reason not to feed the poor child. Even my Mom and Hubby can't get the feeding thing right. You HAVE to feed her a few times a day. Not hard, and necessary.

My Hubby will watch her for me sometimes during the day so I can just go quickly pick the boys up or drop them off somewhere. More than once I have returned home to find her standing up at a play table holding on for dear life. She is just now pulling up to that position on her own. For the last few weeks he would stand her there and then he might go to the other room for a conference call. She just hangs on for dear life like she is hanging off the side of a cliff until Mommy gets home to find her. Both of the boys get upset with him if he ever does that with her. The Little Guy will grab her around her waist and sit her down before scolding his Dad. I will be going away all day Saturday and hope the poor Baby Girl survives without being neglected. I mostly hope they feed her while I am gone.

I can't be so harsh on everyone else without telling on myself. I just removed her from eating my cookbooks (don't laugh that I have cookbooks). As I was putting her down for her nap I noticed something hanging out of the corner of her mouth. It was a very very small piece of a Lego Storm Trooper or so I thought. Under further investigation it is actually an antenna for a Lego Police Car. Either way....whew.

This is going to be hard. Last time I had a baby my oldest was barely two so we didn't have such tiny things to consider. Some of the Legos are so small they would probably pass right through her. Poor Baby Girl is a scavenger under the kitchen table looking for antenna to eat.


Anonymous said...

This is so funny. But really quite sad about why on earth any worker's toe or foot for that matter made it to the point of "almost" being bitten.

And my husband doesn't forget to feed our baby when he watches her and I am gone. He starts to feed her and then stops and tells me when I get home, "She wasn't hungry." Every single time. And when I get home, I feed her an entire bottle and two jars of babyfood in 8 minutes.

Baby girl is pulling to a stand!? Wow. We are definitely not there yet, b

Kristin said...

Well, if she needs a partner in crime when she puts things in her mouth that don't belong, you know who to call. ;)

P.S. That pic of her on your sidebar is tutu cute!!!

Big Nanny said...

1)I work in preschool ministry and if you daughter is sucking the teacher's toes, you need to transfer your membership.
2)Once your daughter is in the one year old nursery room you can't really do anything about the other kids licking her. Those one year olds are lickers and I can't get them to stop it.
3) You choose the Diet Coke over the Diet Dr. Pepper. You might need to do a re-taste.
4) Enjoy Saturday...she'll survive.
5) Thanks for the birthday shout out and Happy Birthday to you on Sunday!