Thursday, July 17, 2008

Throw Up Thursday

I'm so glad there isn't a picture to post of the aftermath of our morning car ride.

It was the Little guy in case you were wondering. All over my minivan. ALL over. My husband has been cleaning out my car all day long. He is perfectly fine now (My Hubby AND the Little Guy). He could only feel better after what I witnessed.

I took the Big Guy to a toy testing event at the museum later in the day. The middle seats of my minivan were pulled out which gave him a clear view of the GPS and gages in my car. It was so helpful for him to let me know I was speeding and that we needed to stop for gas "right now". He told me lots of short cuts I could take to get home from downtown based on the map he was looking at. He is a true back seat driver.

Before toy testing, there were snacks for the kids. They had a big basket full of individual packets of cookies. The Big Guy looked like a crazed addict as he inhaled one bag and went back for another. He was going back for a third when I cut him off. At the end he was sneaky and got another pack that he ate like we don't feed him. I don't keep that stuff in our house and does that make him act that way? He really loves sugar (like his Mama). I took donuts to school for his birthday and the same thing - he ate two as fast he could so he could get a third. He doesn't even enjoy it. What would happen if I had that junk all the time and he could have as much as he wanted? Would he eat himself sick and never want it again? Would it not be as interesting? Would he weight 200 lbs at 7 years old? These are things I wonder about.

I left Baby Girl with my Mom and husband while I was gone. I intentionally told them 5 times what to feed her, when, and even how. They messed it all up and fed her baby food twice in an hour and a half and never put her down for a nap. She lived so I didn't say anything.


Jessica said...

Toy testing? How fun! Not fun to witness the after math of all the cookie consumption though. Good thing you have hubby to do the clean up ;)

Laura said...

Don't you wish (if it HAD to happen) that your Big Guy would have been the one to get sick...after all the treats? That's what finally got my sugar-crazed kids to stop wanting to binge on sugary garbage. My daughter got sick a couple of times, and that was enough to stop both her AND her twin brother. (Twin brother is the sensible type who just has to witness a mishap to avoid one himself--most of the time!)

I've always told them that too much sugar can make them feel really sick! What a great reinforcement to actually have it happen!

BTW--Chalk one up for Hubby for cleaning it all up!

Kristin said...

After reading Laura's comment, I had to read this post twice. The whole time I wa sthinking it was the Big Guy who was sick all over your minivan from all of those cookies. But I never get sick from lots of cookies, so I don't know why I thought he would. Anyway, is he ill or was it from car sickness? So sorry there wasn't a pic! (J/K!!!)