Monday, July 14, 2008


Is she laughing or gagging?

This is my official end-of-The-Bachelorette post (even if it is rather late). I'm allowed to post late TV commentary in a world with Tivo.

Thanks to Angela I can share DeAnna & Jesse's website. She is right when she says to have a bucket nearby. It says to check back often because "things are happening fast around there."

Feel free to post your "I can't believe she picked Jesse" comments now. Let everyone know who your favorite guy was (keep in mind that I can't ever remember any of their names and "weirdo" might not be descriptive enough for most of the guys.

Someone mentioned to me that pro snowboarders make a lot of money and it was not as impractical as it seems that she picked Jesse. I just looked it up on Wiki and it says they make $15,000 a year so it must be dumb true love. It will be hard to raise the four children they want on that salary so I hope the show boosts his sponsorship and her real estate career takes off (not likely in this market).

I think Jason (is that his name?) is a prime candidate for the next Bachelor. After too much thought, I have decided that if he found a woman that actually liked him back, he has the potential to be even more gushy and gross over his new love. If that is possible, of course.


Lisa said...

If you have come this far...

I forgot to add that if I hear Jesse sing that song to "D" one more time I might hurt myself.

Kristin said...

Look away, Baby Girl!!! It might be catching.

Seriously, Lisa, my song to Jesse and DeAnna (to the same tune as his "De-un-nuhhhh"): "You make me sick on the inside and puke on the outside, Jesse and DeAnna, please go away or I'll cry every day, Jesse and DeAnna..."

You know how I feel about this...I don't understand why I feel such nausea over them, but they just don't seem authentic. With every other couple I at least believed they were in love (even the "monkey" from the British Bachelor season). This one I just do not get.

P.S. I don't have my comments connected to my email (just like you) but if you email me here I will write back wity my REAL address. ;)

Funny post although I am still getting over that website...

Angela said...

Did I miss a previous ranting posting on the Bachelorette?? If so- I'm bummed!

Yeah- it's crazy. What is up with that Deanna girl?? I thought she was so cute and smart and for sure going to pick the right guy- and then to see her pick JESSE and then fawn ALL over him on the After the FR ceremony and calling him, "honey" all the time- I just about barfed.... I was so mad!!!

Laura said...

Sounds like they have it all backwards from the very beginning anyway. I haven't seen the show, but I checked out their Web site you posted. Atlanta in the summer and Colorado in the Winter? Crazy! I'd rather be in the cool mountains in the summer and Atlanta in the winters--when it's not so horribly HOT! Okay, so he's a snowboarder and needs snow. Still, it seems all wrong! =)