Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Diego Art

My husband has been working on a big proposal for a meeting he has tomorrow. Where he might usually keep Baby Girl for me in the morning so I can run a few errands, he makes a big deal about this proposal he has to write and prepare for. Blah blah blah. It seemed a little odd that one day I came home where he was working and met him on the street at 10AM as he was returning from a run. It was annoying another day at 3PM when he was in the backyard hacking down pruning ALL of our trees.

I should not have been surprised at all today when his buddy picked him up for lunch because he heard he "was having a slow day" or when he interrupted me at 3PM just as I was about to watch The Bachlorette: The Men Tell All. He wanted me to get up off the couch and take a picture of the Diego he drew in chalk on our driveway. Okay. So I did because I just take pictures of whatever my family wants me to. Trains, Lego Buildings, Bugs, Chalk drawings, whatever.
Another interesting note of today was that I took my Little Guy to a couple of stores with me. I tried to be patient before we walked in and let him dig 8 rocks out of the dirt next to our car. I did say that I didn't like that his clothes were getting so dirty when he rolled them up in his shirt to carry them. I am the one that does his laundry, after all. I'm pretty sure we left a trail of little rocks through the store (like breadcrumbs to find our way out). I never saw most of them again so I guess they are still in the back of my car. In the next store I let him push the 200 lb buggy everywhere without my help. I let him show me every toy he wanted for his birthday next January. I also let him pick out "picture waffles" to eat tomorrow even though they are not on our ever-failing gluten free diet. He unloaded the buggy for me and everything went very well until I put the buggy back in the rack next to our car while he buckled his seat belt. He jumped out of the car and whined "I wanted to do it!" I told him I was sorry and would remember next time and that is when he stomped his little green Croc right on my foot in a mad huff. It was just like one of those bratty kids you see in movies that you don't think actually exist. I could hardly believe it. It hurt almost as bad as when that big Tinker Toy piece fell on my other foot this morning.

Update on the destruction of my home: The Big Guy sat and scratched two new rectangles into the leather chair today. What was he thinking? He doesn't think, that is the problem. He is an absent minded little fellow. The Little Guy put a very long, thick pencil mark down our wall outside of our guest bathroom. I don't let crayons or any writing utensils leave my kitchen and apparently, one escaped. Not to be outdone by her brothers, Baby Girl spit up some lovely orange carrots all over the carpet and then rolled in them. Oxy Clean to the rescue! That has been my secret weapon of choice ever since it removed black sharpie marks the Little Guy put on my Mom's new Wing Chair. They have ruined a lot of stuff over at her house too. We like to spread the love.


Kristin said...

Stop making me laugh so hard! My boy(s) will wake up (firstborn is just pretending to sleep). I loved your description of Baby Girl, and isn't it nice that they feel so at home at Grandma's that they treat it just like their own home? HA!

BTW...I watched the same Bachelorette show yesterday afternoon as well. I really thought the final 2 were going to be Graham and Jeremy. When she got rid of Graham, I was surprised, but getting rid of Jeremy was a shocker! I thought she would end up with him. I am rooting for Jason, and I am actually a bit surprised he made it this far. I have liked him since the first episode when I saw him with his son. Jesse seems like a great guy, but I cannot see them together.

BTW #2...that *is* a fresh drawing of Diego!

Mary C said...

HA! That Diego is pretty rockin'. I would have gotten you up, too.

Ok-Bachelorette-I thought she'd end up with Graham.. They just had so much chemistry. She just kept saying Jeremy was so perfect, it sounded like she was trying to convince herself. I knew she'd let him go. But seriously-is Miss "I need stability and control" going to settle down with a snowboarder? Doubtful. Although he is growing on me.

BTW-not that I think stability and control are bad. People could call me that, too! I think it stems from her losing a parent. You just want to know what to expect, ya know?

Kristin said...

Lisa, wait...Jeremy reminds you of guys that always liked you? You mean, perfect guys with rockin' bods?!? Oh, the agony!!! :)

Seriously, I love how this has turned into a Bachelorette blog. BTW...what was up with the virgin guy in the Tell All episode? He was mighty bitter.

Angela said...

This post is so funny! I felt like I wrote the first half... that reminds me soooooo much of my own situation with my hubby. He works from home and is often "way too busy" to watch the kids for 5 minutes while I run to the post office, or something, but yet, he takes his hour long runs in the middle of the day and find other "really busy" (non-work) type things to do around the house!

Kristi said...

Oh...you are TOO funny! I just love reading your posts!!

The "share the love" of the destruction had me laughing out loud, here at the computer with myself!! :-)

Oh...and I agree...that was a great Diego drawing! You should me MY attempts to draw the things that my kids ask me to draw. Pretty sad. Must be why they have stopped asking so much any more. They have more skills than me now! :-)