Sunday, July 27, 2008

The BIG 3-0!

Today is my birthday. I'm not sure what the day will hold and hope I can get some pictures of me and my little trophy children (just kidding). Until then, I will have to post this picture from last year. You might be able to see my big belly hanging down holding Baby Girl inside. I had only gained 20 or 30 pounds at that point so I think I might still be recognizable. Chocolate cake is in the corner of the picture and the boys are eating my candles like they always do. Sometimes they stick them back in the cake which makes for a very gross cake. I love chocolate so I usually eat it anyway.

I have been 29 for years and years now. After The Big Guy told his entire preschool one year that his Dad was 42, I made sure he understood that Mommy was only 29. This year he has figured out that since I have been 29 all year I must be turning 30. He said something last week about me being 30 and I had to correct him "Mommy is still only 29!" He said "Oh yeah, it isn't your birthday until Sunday." I told him I might just stay 29 so we will see if he lets me get away with that.

Yesterday I was out of town visiting a friend and this morning I will be teaching my Sunday School class. Very badly I might add. I have no business teaching or leading anything especially when it is about parenting issues. I can't see that the things we are doing with our four year old are very effective so if nothing else maybe I will make everyone else feel better about their own situations! I think he will get better. We should just stop feeding him so much candle wax.

For my birthday I would like for the cricket residing in my car to please leave. The boys brought home boxes from camp on Friday each containing one cricket. Neither cricket made it to our final destination despite my pleas from the front of the car to not take the tops off of their boxes. Andrew-the-cricket is somewhere chirping in my car (maybe he is dead by now and that would be sufficient for my birthday present). The other cricket was named after The Little Guy (he does have a real name) because he names all of his little friends after himself. We believe this cricket may or may not have escaped in the home of Grammy and her awesome rooster. I didn't bother to let her know because she is hard of hearing anyway and I don't think he will bother her.

There is a good chance that I won't have chocolate cake this year. My slim down challenge I signed up for won't hold me back. I am just too lazy to bake one for myself. I don't think the guys in the house will get around to it and Grammy is traveling out of town today. That is probably a good thing because I am feeling like I could eat the whole thing myself if I had it.


Kristin said...

Happy Day! Honestly, you truly look young enough to be just turning 30, but if I interpreted your sarcasm correctly, you may have already hit that milestone. Pretty soon, I am going to have to start wishing I was still 30 because that other scary-looking number will be creeping up on me in a few years. I wish you a chocolate-filled cricketless day!

Amy Jo said...

Happy Birthday to you!

4under3 said...

Didn't you hear? The 30's are the new 20's! At least that's what I'm telling myself for next year.

Oh, and ditto. On the chocolate cake. I've decided I'm only allowing half of a chocolate cake in our house at one time from now on.

Happy Birthday!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday! Did all your birthday wishes come true - chocolate cake and no crickets?

Mary C said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

Sending you a birthday hug!

Laura said...

Happy birthday!

You and my neighbor friend share the same birthday! Our bunco group took her out to see the movie, Mamma Mia!, to help her celebrate. Am I aging myself by telling you this?! Anyway, she didn't get a chocolate cake either, but she enjoyed some good wine (our movie theater serves dinner and drinks)!

Hope you're cricket free by now! How does 30 feel?!

t h a i t r a i t said...

Happy Birthday!

I have clear recollections of my first day of vacation Bible school a long time ago--we all had to introduce ourselves and this little boy stood up and said "my name is Robbie and my grandma's 29..."