Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big Guy Big World

This picture captures the world of my 6 1/2 year old boy. He is always doing funny things with his hands like that. He is always building elaborate train tracks or roadways that I have to step over in my foyer. He also has to put up with siblings messing with his stuff. I had a younger brother and know what a pain it could be at times so I sometimes find myself sympathizing with him. I don't think he remembers life without a little brother so he handles it a lot better than I ever did.

That is his baby sister dressed in blue and chewing on a train track. She likes to hang out and be one of the boys. I need to remember to stick a pink bow in her hair when I dress her like that. Those Hanna Andersson rompers look too comfortable not to wear them (no matter the color). I wish I had one of my own. Wouldn't that be attractive? For now, I will just continue to wear my fabulous Costco capri loungewear.

Another thing about my Big Guy is that he likes to keep the details of his life close to the vest. Rarely would he tell you something about his day. What happens at camp stays at camp. Unless there is a huge reward as we found yesterday. My Hubby is an open book and will tell anything so the concept of not sharing your day is foreign to him and drives him a little bonkers. The more he tries to pull information from the Big Guy, the more it is withheld from him. The Big Guy asks for Hubby's Blackberry daily to play some game I am unfamiliar with. He doesn't often get it since it is attached to Hubby's ear or the palm of his hand most hours of the day. Yesterday Hubby told the Big Guy he could have it if he would tell what happened at camp. Immediately activities and events started pouring out of him in great detail. He even told what his buddy did and felt about everything. It was incredible. We have been told for years that he couldn't remember or that nothing happened all day long. We even found out how much of his lunch was eaten and how much his neighbor ate. To think we never would have known what color the beans were that he glued on a worksheet if it had not been for that phone.


Mary C said...

Maybe he'll still want to play with the Blackberry when he's 15? It would handy at that age to have something to make him talk!

Laura said...

Bribery has its uses! He's probably too young for sodium pentothal anyway.

On the other hand, it's difficult to have a son like ours that we've nicknamed "Filibuster Boy" since he talks incessantly...usually right around bedtime!

Our 6 yo niece lost her first two teeth in school on two different days (normally giving reason for great celebration, right?), and she never said a word--to anyone in school or to anyone in her family when she got home. Joe's brother just happened to notice when she was talking. This same niece casually took off her own cast (after breaking her wrist) and had her older brother put it on top of the fridge. Again, Joe's brother noticed it after dinner that night!

Since Joe's brother works for the National Security Agency, they're thinking that their daughter (and maybe even their son) will be a shoo-in, a natural secret keeper!

Kristin said...

Oohh!! Good to know for the future. I can just imagine how frustrating that must be at times.

P.S. I loved BBG in the background of the first pic. :)

Kristi said...

It was fun to read about your BG!

Hey, once you find what "works" to get them to talk, I say go with it!! :-)

What a cute boy he is!!