Saturday, July 12, 2008


Big News: I had to go to the grocery store. We were really out of food to warrant me going in a downpour of rain. I didn't even have baby food! Did you think I made my own? Hahaa I must say that it seems as though making your own baby food may be necessary because they don't sell anything decent. You would think green beans and peas in a jar wouldn't be hard to find. I couldn't find those or even squash today. If you want to feed your little one Mango Dessert or Granola Plum Strawberry with DHA, Publix is your place. Luckily Baby Girl's appetite has really increased and I can mash up most of the food I feed our family for her with a fork. Don't forget about my blueberries that are cut into 8 pieces. So technically, I guess, I do make my own baby food. Kudos to me!

A lady was handing out Trinity Chocolate ice cream at our local Publix and it was divine. I don't turn down free ice cream samples no matter what diet or workout regime I am a part of. It set me off and I had to come home to finish our last chocolate cupcake. Somehow I managed to lose at my weekly weigh-in so I am relieved. If you had told me when I started my contest that I could get up at 5 am every morning, kill myself working out, hate it, eat less, go to bed early, get less work done and after 2 months I could lose 10 lbs, but wear the same pants size, I would not have made that deal or even considered it. There have been a few early mornings that I thought being fat might be okay with me. I do feel pretty good except for blisters, aches and pains all over and being really tired. In an unforeseen gym drama, Uma-the-wonder-trainer left my gym. I
have only seen her once in the last few weeks when we visited her church and she held Baby Girl for me the whole time. I got a nice email from her tonight and will hook back up with her in August to do measurements and body fat percentage again. I sure do live a glamorous life.

Anyway, back to Baby Girl and the Grocery Store. I got some more of these:

I don't know what she would do if I ran out. She yells at me during her meals until I pull some out. Then she squeals with happiness when she sees them. I guess they are sort of like Bagelfuls for me. Today I went to get them for her and had to turn back around when I realized the plastic wasn't pulled off the top. She had a complete breakdown. I don't know if she thought I was putting them back or if I was just too slow for her. I was glad she couldn't talk. I'm scared of what she might have said to me.

Baby Girl to Mommy: "Put More Here NOW!"

Better eat them quick, Baby Girl. The Little Guy sneaks around you and takes some when you are not looking.


Kristin said...

Okay, we may need to exchange email addresses sometime because I am already apologizing that this will be a long comment. :)

First of all, that pic of BG is to die for. Scrumptious!

Secondly, your account of BG's passion for puffs had me laughing and recalling my own boys' obsessions. The younger one still loves them, and he is 2. I think sweet potato is his favorite, but he likes them all. My husband made the mistake of buying Gerber "Crunchies" which are actually glorified Cheetos. They have replaced the puffs as his go-to item now.

Lastly, can I tell you how grossed out I was at all that PDA on After The Final Rose??? Ick. Jesse is certainly a nice enough guy, but they just do NOT fit. And all of that smooching was sending me over the edge. I really liked Jason and Jeremy; either of them would be good candidates for The Bachelor. Jason was a sweetheart and a gentleman to boot. I give DeAnna and Jesse six months.

So are you into any other reality shows? I am hoping this season of Big Brother is good. The last one (mid-year) was more like The Real World, so I didn't get into that, but it is usually one of my summer guilty pleasures.

Have a great weekend with all of your well-stocked cabinets. :)

Angela said...

You take amazing photos... I just love them!

Also- did miss somewhere a posting about the Bachelorette??? What!??! Did I actually find 2 other ladies who watch it? Yay! I mean, of course, it's over now- but I sure would have loved to rant with someone about the finale. What in the world was she thinking!??!?!?!? I guess she could't resiste Jesse's "radness." Did you see they have a website now???

Anyway- good times- reality shows.... nice little break from my own (uneventful) reality ;)