Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two Hundred

Two Hundred Markers in his pants? No.

Two Hundred Days since I last dusted? Maybe.

Two Hundred Posts since I started this blog? You bet.

This is my 200th posting. I'm too tired to even muster up an exclamation point or an insincere "woohoo".

Since I began a few things have changed. The Little Guy is no longer pooping on the carpet or rubbing it into things. I just knocked on wood so hard I hurt my knuckle. He is just as difficult to manage as ever. He has learned to say "I don't love you" when he is mad at us. I especially like it when he throws in "I only love [Baby Girl]!" The Big Guy lost a lot of teeth and graduated Kindergarten. He has also developed a big bad attitude that has to occasionally be checked. Baby Girl is crawling and sitting up all by herself. I've even caught her pulling up to her knees. I can't think of anything that has changed with Hubby. Maybe I need to have a discussion with him about that? His book might have been published in that time period, but I really don't remember. You can tell how important it was to me. Me? I started getting up with the chickens and dropped a little weight. I somehow managed to lose about 5 hours of every day that I used to have before I started going to bed early. I was never good at math, but I still can't figure that one out. I'm glad my j-o-b is slower in the summer because that has suffered (it also suffers because it is in the Finance arena and as I mentioned I am not good at math). I have a few more gray white hairs from the Little Guy's antics and my car has been cleaned out really good.

It will be interesting to see how much things change over the next 200 posts. I assume Baby Girl will be one by then and maybe even walking. I will have probably gained back the 10 lbs I lost and the Big Guy will be going to a brand new school. There will be soccer games, homework, College Football season and a completely different schedule. I'm dreaming of a new camera lens (again) so there will be even more photos in my future if that is possible. Baby Girl will learn to say "put the camera away." Duck was the first word for both of the boys. I think she may be a little more advanced verbally. Enough or Stop could be her first word (although she really likes the big duck covering the bathtub faucet).

I promise to do some big "woohoos" or something more exiting if I ever reach 1,000 posts. I'm pretty sure I will run out of things to say long before then. Let's hope I do get a new camera lens because I will only be posting pictures by then and they will need to be good ones.


Kristin said...

Happy #200! You don't look a day over 25 to me. :)

Seriously, you have only been blogging since March?!? I never noticed that before. And how is it possible that you had 58 posts in one month??? Good grief; I started my blog in the end of December, and in two months you have more posts than I do total. No wonder I love visiting you! :)

Jessica said...

Congrats on the 200! I love your descrptive (humurous) writing and your beautiful pictures. I'm hooked!

Angela said...

Well, one thing for sure that HASN'T changed... you are just as charming, funny and creative on your 200th post as on the 1st. I love reading your blog!!! (There. That's THREE !!! for you) - and I didn't need to muster up anything to type 'em!

Laura said...

This post is hilarious!! (Two more for ya!)

Mary C said...

Wow! 200 hundred posts! IT'll probably take me 3 more years to get to 200.

I love this blog!

Amy Jo said...

You've really taken to this blogging thing like fish does to water. Or like a sleep deprived mom takes to diet coke. Maybe you can muster up some YIPPEES on your #250. That's an important number too, and you'll probably hit that in a month or two!