Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Fireworks and Fun

I guessed it right. There was plenty of Flag Cake, Watermelon, Fireworks and swimming over our holiday weekend.
The most beautiful Synchronized Swimmer in the world (or our pool anyway).

That's right. Some of us put salt on our watermelon. (Not my Yankee Hubby)

Driveway fun. I think this was our finale "Mother Earth."

And the absolute best thing about our holiday was (drum roll):

No Gym!

I was so excited about sleeping in on the 4th even though I woke up at 4:45 AM and couldn't sleep. I was determined to stay in the bed until at least 9:00 AM despite lots of little children and babies crawling all over me. It was great to not have a schedule and wear my pajamas until Noon. It was even better to have my Mom do all the cooking. There must have been tryptophan in our hot dogs because most all of us had to take a nap. The afternoon was spent swimming and we went home to have our small little firework display in our driveway before watching a real one on TV.

I am so thankful to live in this country and for all the men and women that have served and are serving overseas. I had a wonderful, peaceful weekend with my family and I know that is not the case for everyone.

It has been a great weekend even though I got a raging case of cramps that I thought only 14 year olds had. I was forced to take a muscle relaxer which may explain my overuse of the words wonderful and great in this post.

Yesterday I met up with an out of town friend and her family downtown and stood in the rain. We just happened to be next to the Children's Museum and have passes so we spent the rest of the afternoon letting the kids play. A big 10 year old started fighting my Big Guy over something and ended up pounding on his arm and making it red. The Big Guy was crying and I turned into a Mother Bear about to take out a kid. Luckily Hubby was there and I arrived late on the scene for all the excitement. I haven't experienced anything like that before where my kid has been physically assaulted. I stalked the 10 year old and his parents around for awhile ready to attack with my very original line of "tell your kid to pick on someone his own size!" I finally calmed down and realized they were just people like us and kids make mistakes. I love the way my boys get over that stuff almost as soon as it happens. I could take a lesson from them. We had Mexican food on the way home and that was not fun. At some point I said into the air "why do we bother going out to eat with kids?" It was before the muscle relaxer. I tried to turn Mexican Food into baby food and someone was always touching me. I always end up inhaling my food instead of enjoying it.

I always think about the line in Mr. Mom where someone says "you don't feed chili to a baby!" Something about feeding refried beans to a baby seems dangerous.

I can't believe it is already July.

Only 171 more days until Christmas.


Kristin said...

I guess the lesson here is to take the muscle relaxer before going to a museum filled with bullies or the restaurant filled with refried beans. I can relate, but I don't have any muscle relaxers!

Mary C said...

Ha! Hooray! I put salt on my watermelon, too! I never heard of anyone else doing that. Everyone around here looks at me like I am nuts.

Laura said...

BBG is a DARLING synchronized swimmer! I'll have to try salt on watermelon. I've been known to salt cantaloupe (my grandpa always did).

I thought our son was probably the only child assaulted by an older boy at a children's museum. He was one and the other boy was about 3 or 4. Hmmmm...

I second your sentiments about our free country and the people who have served and are currently serving us! God bless them in a BIG way!

Sorry about this choppy, long message. That's how I think these days...