Friday, July 18, 2008

Ever So Helpful

I'll take any extra help I can get these days.

Big Guy to Little Guy (this afternoon): "Watch the baby. It is your turn to watch her. Make sure she doesn't eat the books."

Little Guy: "Okay."

Ever so helpful, however, the boys have been fighting all day long (really all week) with each other. They can't stay away from each other and yet they fight when they are together. I have caught them punching, kicking and even biting. We were in the pool for 2 hours this afternoon and that is the best they have been with each other in days. Ahhh, such is life...around here anyway.

The Little Guy (who made a full recovery from Throw Up Thursday) has a new annoying habit of jumping over his sister. He runs and jumps over her head when she is sitting up. It is very unnerving. I remember the Big Guy doing that to the Little Guy when he was a baby. He also used him as a step stool to reach something on a shelf. My Mother insists that is why the Little Guy has so many GI problems today. I doubt it.

Happy Weekend! I am excited about sleeping later tomorrow morning. Oh, I did that today too although it was not on purpose. I was in the middle of a crazy dream and could not break away from it. No fabulous celebrity guest appearances in this dream as is usually the case with me. So, I'll spare you the boring details.


4under3 said...

Oh you crack me up. Everytime.

The step stool part, the jumping over part, the wiping nose picture part, and you sparing us the details part.

I bet your husband will live a very long life. He must get great Laugh Therapy in each day with you around.


Kristin said...

That picture is priceless! BG is right; the babies always want to eat the books. I have a poster in my classroom that says: "Digest any good books lately?" I'm pretty sure they don't mean that literally, though.