Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Give Him Whatever He Wants

Look at that face. How could you refuse him anything? He isn't one of my own so I say give him candy and anything else he wants. Almost 2 year-olds do the cutest and funniest stuff. The same stuff at 3...not so cute.

Hubby asked me the same thing I was thinking today when Baby Girl was screaming at us in her highchair (because she can't wait to be fed).

"What do you think she is going to be like at 3?!"



Mary C said...

Oh, those eyes. He's going to break some hearts, alright.

4under3 said...

Ohhh...yes...the screaming in the highchair bit. I was just talking about that with my Gma-in-law tonight. It's like they've been starved..or something. But, yes, the little boy you photographed. Undeniable! You are a fabulous photographer.