Friday, July 11, 2008

Geraldo our Security Man

Or at least that is who he looks like to me.

Don't break into our house or you will surely trip and break your neck. I have become pretty good at maneuvering over this kind of thing at 5 am in the dark. Another skill I have developed from being a Mom.
As I type this there is a big fight going on between my boys about who is going to clean up this area. I'm just waiting and have decided to let them fight it out. Unfortunately, my wall just got another big mark. If I didn't make them clean it up they would keep adding to it with other blocks and toys and it would become massive.They love Kapla blocks.

If my boys could only have one thing to play with in the house, that is what we would keep. 9 times out of 10 that is what you will find them playing with. It is amazing the different ways they use them. I think we should get some of the red ones for Christmas. However, the Little Guy started to color some with an orange marker so we may not need to buy colored ones after all.


Anonymous said...

Impressive structures!!

I love your writing, as always. And your photography.

Your floors look so clean!!!

Kristin said...

I have never heard of those blocks. I'll have to check them out.

I also am still dying to hear your take on The Bachelortte finale! Have you watched it yet?!?

Michael said...

Kapla Blocks are great (and eco-friendly too)!

We got them at Landbridge Toys

Lisa said...

You can see their home page here:

I've seen them at Target or any toy store. If I had ever seen blocks for $65 I would not have bought them. A friend passed them on to us and that is how we discovered them.

Amy Jo said...

Those blocks look cool; I'm going to check them out. And Good job losing 10 pounds!

Laura said...

Too funny. I, too, have always said if anyone ever broke into our house, they'd be sorry. We've joked how they'd be injured repeatedly--first falling over the gates (we used to use), tripping over the "people rollers" (the toys all over the floor), and then end up dissapointed anyway since we really don't have anything worth stealing!

I also LOVE the Kapla blocks. We probably have just about every other construction-type toy...but those blocks. I really like how your boys made the round wheel for the train! Very creative--definitely thinking out of the box!

Mary C said...

I've never heard of the blocks, either, but I need to look into them. Those are really cool.

Kudos on the 10 pound loss! That is really awesome. But how can you be in the same pant size? I think you must be exaggerating, Tiny. :)