Saturday, January 31, 2009

Five is Devine

A five year old. Right here:
By five and a half I bet those bangs will have grown out.

I finally got my picture of him on the stairs in this irresistible shirt. You can scroll down to see the details of that or click here.

I was going to put a picture of him at 3 in this shirt. It just isn't working out so well.

One of his teachers calls him "peanut butter and jelly face" and with good reason. He brings a bag of acorns home from the playground most days and tells me on the ride home how they are like a pumpkin inside. Yesterday a neighbor was over playing and he came in the house to tell me "We are going to get married."

When we are in the car he drives me crazy messing with Baby Girl. I am constantly saying "don't touch her" and "leave her alone". I do like the way he will lean over and whisper to her "I am going to love you forever." That is so sweet. But, just you wait and see what he did to the house...


Morris five said...

Lisa, I have a feeling I am about to come to a new level of empathy for you as Jack gets older. I can tell already that he will be 110% boy. I bet he will use the green marker on parts too! And by the way, he (little guy) is perfect in that shirt.

Kristin said...

Geez, Lis...when you add new posts, you really add new posts! :) That shirt seems to still fit him really well; was he swimming in it at 3? Still say that was a cute idea, cute shirt, cute kid.