Monday, January 5, 2009


Some pretty things to look at for all of you Moms that have a New Year's Resolution to get more organized. They are on clearance at PBTeen. It is probably a lot cheaper than what you can find at PBKids. I don't think it is low enough for my total recommendation, though.

Cute pillows. You can still get the alligator and hippo for $8.99. That is the cover only and I think personalization is about $6.50. Too bad they are out of that giraffe. I have so many pillows in Baby Girl's chair that I can't sit in it very well. So, I'll have to pass. I forget how old she is and would never put one in her crib for fear of suffocation*. The Little Guy isn't so paranoid as I found a ceramic bank in her crib this afternoon. He put it in there this morning and when Dad put her down for a morning nap failed to remove it. I hope she didn't get bonked on the head with it.

Speaking of Little Guy. Just wait to you see the pics of what he did to the wall.

*Very important note: I just had to Google the word suffocation because I was not spelling it correctly and spellcheck wasn't helping me (again). If something tragic ever happens to our family make sure someone points this out to the police. I think of how they found all that Google stuff on the computer of that crazy woman that was the mother of Casey (?). I don't want to be mistaken for that crazy. I'm crazy...but not like that.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I am in looove with pottery barn! Htank goodness I live out in the boonies and there's not one near me!!!

I found your blog on the mom bloggers club, welcome! :)

Mara said...

I'll explain to the police that you just don't know how to spell and because you have a cool public blog that has lots of readers, your spelling has to be correct!
(I love PBTeen as well).

Kristin said...

Love the pics but I'm sure I can't afford any of them. I'm partial to the giraffe, too. :)

BTW...The Casey Anthony story has had me so upset since I began following it in July. I was really praying that she didn't do it even though we all knew she did. When they found Kaylee's remains, I was a wreck. I am relieved that there can be some closure to the case now, though. I just can't get over what in the world is wrong with Casey -- or any mother who could fathom doing such a thing.

Now I am waiting for those pics of what the Little Guy did to your walls to cheer me up. ;)