Thursday, January 8, 2009


Happy Birthday, Little Guy!

He is a moody little fellow. you never know if you will get a snarl or a big loving hug from him. If I am in a hurry I walk on eggshells so nothing will set him off. He is a brilliant negotiator. He hops, climbs and jumps. A lot. He adds Ls to words that don't have Ls in them (blathroom). He refers to any date in the past as "yesterday". He is loud, has an evil laugh and a bad haircut and I love him. He is all about coloring and drawing (often in the wrong places). He wants a real jeep and is so sweet to his little sister. He sometimes takes her out by the legs, but you know, in a nice way. His teacher calls him "peanutbutter jelly face" with good reason. He loves his PB&J and would eat it for every meal if we let him. I would have too at that age and am still rather fond of it. He has become skinny so I think he could use a little extra peanutbutter. I tried to sneak him almondbutter a few times. He isn't buying that.

Happy Birthday, Little Guy (and Elvis too).

Today he has on tap: Leader at school and birthday party with his classmates, baking his own birthday cake with Grammy (wish her luck), and a playdate at our house. He will get a few gifts as well and I hope they aren't books.


Kristin said...

He and my big guy sound like they could be fast friends. I love that he adds "L"s to words; that is just precious. Those pics are both spectacular, too!

Courtney said...

Ummmm...okay. You're blog is adorable. Love your sense of humor. LOVE your photography. Mind if I follow you? :)

Courtney and the Boys