Friday, January 9, 2009

Outing to the germ festival

Her first walking trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Not her birthday despite what the shirt says.


Angela said...

Hahaha! Your title made me laugh- totally something I would say. You are braver than I... I think Chuck E. Cheese is out until about May for my kids. Poor things- I don't even let them play at indoor mall playstructures! I'm that mean mom with the purell. But hey- it's all fun and games until someone's (or 6of you) are puking all over.

Oh- and love the new blog look!!

Lisa said...

I had a big pump bottle of purell out on our table. I made all the kids around use it even if they weren't mine.

Kristin said...

Love your post title!!! Do your kids go in those hamster mazes they have there? Mine are afraid of them.