Monday, January 5, 2009


We are officially undecorated for Christmas. As long as you don't count the lights on the bushes outside our front door (I'm not counting). The tree is down and that was the biggie. With some help from my Little Guy, the last ornament was removed on Saturday.

NOW I am Merry.

My mother pointed out that it was bad luck to have your decorations still up on New Year's Day. So, it seems as if we may have already ruined the Year. I ate some black-eyed peas for luck so I hope the two cancel each other out. Also, I substituted cabbage for greens and I hope that still translates to some money for us.


Courtney said...

Ha! This is great! We had to take down two trees this year...ugh! My hubby finally took down the lights yesterday. And we also ate cabbage on New Year's Day...hey...I'd try anything in this economy! ha!

Cute blog!

Courtney (from MBC)

Kristin said...

Well, we're in for some serious bad luck because ours is still up. I love Christmas and I don't like taking down the tree. The first year we were married, the tree stayed up until Valentine's Day. No, I'm not kidding.

Big Nanny said...

my luck is gonna be real bad because my tree is still up and I can't take it down until Saturday.