Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Guy-Eve

On the Eve of my Little Guy's Fifth birthday, I have some pre-birthday activities to post. The Big Guy calls the night before his birthday Big Guy Eve and we laugh and laugh and laugh..

I went to Party City to get a few things for my boys' joint birthday party. I bought some Kung Fu Panda stickers a couple of months ago and thought I would get some plates and party stuff with the same theme for the Little Guy. It was nowhere to be found and I asked two employees if they had it. They both shook their heads with pity and said "Oh no. We don't carry that." They said it almost as if it was a ridiculous question I had asked. The second person said "We have never had that!". I didn't bother to tell them how wrong they were. Is there something I don't know about Kung Fu Panda? Why?

There is no extra charge for awesomeness... OR attractiveness.

We had a joint birthday party for both of my boys last week at a jumpy place. There is a jumpy place right across the street from us and apparently it was too close. We had to drive 20 minutes to this one. I said if they had it there they had to share the party and they were okay with it so Woo-HOOOO! It was all of the Big Guy's idea and he is lucky his little brother idolizes him and does whatever he wants. Above is the one picture during the party that my Big Guy stopped running for me to take a picture of him. Below is when I asked The Little Guy to stop (he had to be held down). Although it was a joint party, The Big Guy refused to go sit next to his brother and blow out the candles. They were at opposite ends of the table and had a stand off on which one would move next to the other. I don't have a lot of patience for that especially with a room full of people and a worker-bee standing with a big cake waiting to put it down. So, there you have it. Decision made. I would like to say The Big Guy learned a life lesson, but he probably doesn't even remember or care now.
The Little Guy always licks his plate clean when he eats cake. How can you even argue with that? You should have had some of that cake - you might have done the same. Again, I ate most of what was left of the cake when we got home. Brown-noser? I can't wait for his bangs to grow back out.

Our older friend made him a cake this week and gave him 3 gifts. I might also add that she was very generous giving him more money than a 5 year old needs. Anyway, the 3 gifts were all books from her Mt. Rushmore trip. After opening the third one he threw it on the floor and started crying. It was pretty embarrassing although I secretly could not blame him.

What Five year old boy wants a book about girls riding horses for his birthday? TOYS! Bring on the jeeps and car tracks, lady!

I tried to explain that he could buy a toy with his money and I think he was too distraught to grasp that concept.

Here we are with cake #2. It was actually a brownie with icing and eats just as well.He was smiling in this picture because it was before he opened his gifts and still had hope.

Happy Birthday, Little Guy (becoming Big).


Mara said...

Love all of the stories in this post (especially the gift one).

Amy Jo said...

I was hoping to get a glimpse of his new hair do, and was not dissapointed! lol.

Kristin said...

There are too many hilarious pices of this post to comment on!!! We just went to a jumpy place party this morning. My boys are a bit on the tenative side when it comes to places like that, but my little guy finally started getting brave and trying some when we were ready to leave. Then he got kneed in the face and that is all she wrote.