Friday, January 2, 2009

Flashback Friday New Years Edition

We had sparklers this year on New Year's eve. There were four little kids and it was quite exciting for them. Only one of them caught the backyard on fire. It was dark and I wasn't sure what or who was on fire so I helped by telling one of the Dads "RUN!" It must have worked because no damage was done.

It reminded me of the first time my boys ever had sparklers. It was New Years Eve in Orlando and no jackets were needed.
(no long pants needed either I should add.)
New Years Day 2006

We spent that New Years Day in Disney World. Like most of our Disney trips, the boys inadvertently licked something and had a stomach virus for the following 24 hours.


Kristin said... are a braver parent than I...forget about the backyard; my kids would have lit each other on fire. And don't they always seem to lick something in that split second when we look away?

Mara said...

Aww, look how little they are.

Morris five said...

I love the new background! I tried to change mine yesterday and it wouldn't work!! Cute pics too. I shouldn't say this outloud (or type it even) but we are all well for the first time in two months or more!! Probably because I haven't let them out of the house the whole break! JK