Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Random and so wrong.

When I first tried to do my January random picture challenge, I made a mistake. I pulled the 8th picture from January 8th instead of the 8the picture from January. Lost? Yes, so you can see how I got so easily confused.

Anyway, I already found the picture and uploaded it so you have to look at it.

January 8, 2008.

Elvis' birthday.

Also, The Little Guy's birthday.

Guess how old he is. (4 in case you can't see all the fingers.)

I did the same picture on our stairs in the same shirt on his 3rd birthday. I have been telling him for two days I want to do it again this year. It is a little past his birthday and that shirt is only getting smaller. He has refused so I may have to break down and resort to bribery. I am not beyond it and I have a good bit of bubble gum leftover from Halloween (no chocolate - no surprise). The promise of bubblegum made him sit still for a shot so it will have to work for a picture.


L a u r a said...

If gum won't quite do it, maybe promise gum AND a whoopie cushion! Sorry, I'm still recovering from all the distasteful noises our children have been trying to make around here.

Kristin said...

Love that you are taking pics in the same shirt. That will be a hoot when he is 16. ;) But I think that's such a cute idea. And you have a photo folder for every day??? Whoa. That is impressive! I'm lucky if I have one per month.