Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Eve 2008

I'd like to buy the world a Coke.

My Baby Girl went to bed long before the festivities began. This was the only little girl partying with us and she had to play with a bunch of rough lightsaber-toting boys. Her hair is like that because she was forced to be Princess Lea.
Our 11th New Year's Eve together. We are not always this fun and festive. We are often heard saying "no," "stop it," "keep it down," "hurry and buckle up" and "flush please." My hubby thinks it is okay to squirt whipped cream into the open mouth of any nearby child so I guess we he has his moments.

Glow sticks saved the night when we ran out of sparklers. They were great. They don't catch the yard on fire although they do cause fighting over "connectors" and a few got stuck in the trees.

My girlfriend would be horrified if she knew I shared with anyone in the world the game we played with the kids. Don't judge us.


Here we are right at Midnight watching the Ball drop. It is probably not the best idea to keep little kids under the age of 8 up until midnight. It is the next day that they we pay for it. They had a good time and there were no questions about Dick Clark from them (thankfully). Right after this was when I Googled him. He is 80 in case you are wondering.

This is what the kids drank. I don't think any of them actually drank it and I was too scared to try it.

I have no New Years resolutions. I will continue to try and not eat as much and keep a cleaner and more organized home. That is nothing new. Toys, kid's artwork and chocolate keep tripping me up.

I think I may be saying this for the last time in 2009 so listen up...


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Kristin said...

Ha! Gassy Gus, huh?!? That is so funny. I think we have enough of those in real life over here (females -- me and the cat -- excluded). I would comment on your previous post, but I would be too afraid to obligate myself to handmake something for anyone other than my own family who are also obligated to like me. Obviously you are aware of the lack of my skills since Amy Jo and Laura got the two shout-outs! ;) And well deserved, I may add. Do you know what you are making? Maybe that will sweeten the deal...