Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Look

Don't be frightened by this.

We were just trying out a new hair-do. The bangs in her eyes drive me batty. It worked pretty good for about 15 seconds.
13...14...15...she remembers it is there and goes for it.
Out it comes.
Look at this cool thing, Mama.
I take it from her and this is the result:
A dramatic fall to the floor to show her disapproval. There is usually some amount of screaming or whining that accompanies the fall.


Amy Jo said...

DITTO! This happens to me everyday. Kaylee's hair is about 2 inches longer though, so it's really bad when hanging in her face. I try to sing to her or run around the house with her after I put the rubber band on so she forgets that I just put it in. That helps, but she will at some point pull it out. Then it looks really crAZy! Have you tried the really thin, tiny bands by Goodie?

t h a i t r a i t said...

Pretty soon she'll have enough hair for Laura Ingalls braids!

In the pic I posted last night, you can see that my mom had at some point become completely fed up with long hair in my face...because oh, oh my, I have some killer bangs.

Angela said...

hahaha! cute! I have to say, though- I totally lucked out with both my girls. they always have and still do keep "bows" in their hair. Maybe it's cause from the moment they were born I was sticking those pink bows on their head with K-Y... yes, K-Y (that's how it's done). They've never been without!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness...Angela's comment just cracked me up. Who knew?!? Okay, so maybe there are some serious plus sides to only having boys. But you already know that I would put ponytails in their hair if they would let me. ;)

emily said...

She is such a little cutie-pie! I love the ponytail...much better than Melody's! lol. And I can definitely relate to the theatrics!