Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Picture: January 2008

What is that woman at 4 Little Men doing to me? It is another Random Picture Contest and I can't resist that. Didn't I just do one?

The Month: January
The picture: #8I think The Big Guy's best friend and sister came over for a play date. School wasn't back in yet and I think their Mom had to work. So, it was an early morning and I had not gotten around to combing hair yet. Truth be told, I probably never did comb it on that day. The Little Guy's hair in this picture is about as short as it is now. I can see how much better his teeth are when I look at this old picture. His top teeth moved back after he stopped sucking his thumb.

I remember there was lots of changing clothes, dressing up and waving of swords. It is amazing that I got all of them to sit still together in one place.

Hey! I had a 3 month old somewhere! I must have said "shhhhh she is taking a nap!" a lot. I still say that a lot.


Jessie said...

Great pic! Looks like a fun bunch of kiddos!

Kristin said...

We still say "shh..." whenever ANYONE is taking a nap. I totally relate. My little one is a much better sleeper than his big brother ever was at his age, but still...I don't want a crankypants on my hands.

Another beautiful random picture from Lisa. That is a great shot, and it looks so effortless (as all of your images do). I'll have to see what picture I have in that folder and truly show you what "random" is from a novice photographer. :)