Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still his birthday. Celebrate.

He can be just as sweet as he looks here.

Technically it won't be his birthday until about 10:06PM. I have forgotten the exact time. Isn't that awful? That may be right? Oh well, we have been partying and celebrating for weeks so I guess it doesn't matter.

Celebrate comes from Celebratus, the Latin origin of the English word celebrate. It means renowned or famous. It is where we get the word celebrity. That is what we do when we celebrate according to Les and Leslie Parrot. We make famous - if only to our immediate family - a special happening or accomplishment.

We just covered this in our Sunday School class. It is from the book The Parent You Want to Be. They say that by celebrating our kids milestones, we are saying to them, "I notice you. I'm tuned in to your life, and I delight when something good or special happens to you."

See, I am trying to be a good parent and that is the stuff I would rather write about on my blog. You just don't want to know how I pointed my finger at him and fussed about how loud he was several mornings this week. I sure fall short of greatness but at least I gave him 3 cakes and 24 cupcakes for his birthday. You know I will have the photo documentation for that if there is ever any question on my level of effort.

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Kristin said...

Oh Lisa...thank goodness we take video and photos of the happy times so those are the ones we remember. I think we all would rather not recount the things we say that are ridiculously impatient or critical. Your terrific mom efforts cannot be denied!