Sunday, June 1, 2008

8 Months Old Today

Happy 8 Months, Baby Girl!

It is flying by faster than ever!

She is a joy and I love the way she gets excited to see me and tries to eat my face. I give her the puffed cereal finger foods in her highchair and she collects as many as she can in her hands. They stick there or either on her face. Once in awhile she gets one in her mouth and gags.

I also love the way she stands on her toes in her bouncer to see me at the kitchen sink. It is so funny to see those little eyes peering at me over the sofa. I am a celebrity at this stage of the game. She is excited at every siting of me and squeals and laughs if I just smile at her. She puts on a big fuss if I leave the room, but soon forgets about me.

She bounces or jumps excessively in my opinion. Even when she is sitting still on the floor she is bobbing up and down. She has figured out how to do it in the tub where she can bounce on her bottom and slide back and forth at the same time. It is incredible that she doesn't fall right over. Gosh, why can't I ever remember to video it?

When I am driving the car I hear her behind me playing and laughing. I wonder what she must be thinking to be laughing out loud.

I think this will definitely be the last month I have to put her down to play and not wonder where she went. She is doing the "airplane" and going short distances now. My husband keeps trying to teach her to crawl (so she can work off all that food she is eating) and I keep telling him to STOP! It is hard to imagine her next summer when she will be big enough to tell me NO and STOP!


Kristin said...

That first picture is so sweet! You can just tell in the others that this baby girl is going to have a real sense of humor. You can see it in her eyes! I agree with you; I was never really ready for the crawling and walking to begin. That is when the mayhem truly starts! I remember putting Cameron on the floor when he was a baby before he could do any of the above, and when I came back from the kitchen a mere few minutes later, he wasn't there anymore! I quickly spied him under the coffee table (about 6 feet away) and realized he had rolled his way there. He had never done that (in front of me, at least!) before. Serious panic attack was thwarted, but I had learned my lesson.

Mary C said...

She is so beautiful! I just want to squeeze her little cheeks!

Happy 8 Month Birthday!

4under3 said...

I know, right, why do the days of raising your little ones have to go soo fast and at the same time, often go slow. Today, before church, I had my husband take a picture of Julia and I before we got in the car. As we were driving off, I was flipping through them on the camera. In a split second I had huge tears blurring my vision. My husband asked, "She's getting big, right?"

Your baby girl is going to be 3 before you know it. Just think. Can you see it? And I bet she'll be adorable then, too.

Amanda said...

She is absolutely edible! Her cheeks...I just wanna squish 'em! :) She reminds me of Chloe, in the ways you describe her personality, and it makes me sad to think that in such a short span of time, they change and grow up. Like you, I'm trying to cherish these days with Chloe, knowing she won't always love mama best. :) Sweet, adorable pictures of your baby girl!